Where is the update

I’m still waiting. No, not (in this context) a Diana Ross song title but a plea to Naim for the Uniti firmware 3.2 update they are (supposed to be) working on.
How much longer?


Quite. I had a reply from @Richard.Dane confirming that the beta testing was going well but no news on exactly when we’ll get the update :unamused:

It’s impossible to say right now - it’s ready when it’s deemed ready. However, as bongoman posts above, it is in Beta right now and last report I had from a few days ago is that the tests are so far going well.

It’s only a bug correction or is there any luck to get new features ? (alarm clock, stand by timer, possibility to change radio order… all stuff the SuperUniti had)

Yes there are new features and quite a few bugs to correct…up to Naim to communicate them in due course. Even fixing just a bug as you say is surprisingly complex, and once fixed then Naim have to begin listening tests and making adjustments. To be frank it sounds a bit of a nightmare to me. So have to be patient, even the Beta testers are in the same boat…and temporarily sometimes have slightly poorer SQ, as Naim fix the sound at the end of a Beta test.

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