Where is this used?

I bought an ex-demo NAC-282 and NAPSC. I received two NAIM power leads. Since the NAC282 receives power from my HiCap DR and the NAPSC, can anyone tell me, what this power cable is for? … and what the black choke thing is on it is for?

I think that power lead came with the Unitiserve as it has a filter block in line as this used a switch mode PSU.

Just found a pic …

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Thanks. Looks like the dealer just stuffed it in the box then… surplus to requirements. I couldn’t see obviously where it should have been used, so didn’t.

Yes, it’s a Unitiserve power lead, although you can use it for anything else that needs an IEC lead, as the box just contains a ferrite ring. Either that or give it back to your dealer, who is probably frantically tearing his hair out because of that angry customer he just sold a Unitiserve to!

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