Where next?

Oh, I’ll go to the back corner and keep quite then.

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How did I get here, some will ask.

I have had the 272/250 for quite some time but decided to invest in my source. I am now in a happy place in relation to vinyl replay.

I was then offered a pair of mint 606s for a very good price. So that is the back end sorted.

The 250 drives the speakers very well, hence my focus on a pre amp upgrade.

I did think about changing the power amp but reading the advice given so far, pre amp it’s the place to start.

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If you can afford it, upgrade your pre first to a 552, 252 or 282 with associated power supplies.

You can run your 272 through these preamp and use it as a source temporarily and then change it out to a separate streamer such as ND5XS2 or NDX2 as funds permit.

A 252 with Supercap would be a very good combination with a 250 or 300.

You could go for the 552 with the 250 or 300 also.

Or the 555DR PS on the 272 and leave it.

With your speakers and Klimax I reckon a 552 would be the best choice.

Lots of options. See if a dealer will lend you a 552.

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Def persuaded to change to a separate
pre amp. And I didn’t think about keeping the 272 for streaming duties.

552 was never in my thinking. But I guess my main source is good enough to benefit from it.

Not sure I know many dealers who would let me borrow it though. I’ll sound some out.

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I have an 82 with Supercap and 2 x 135s. My next move is probably a Radikal and a tonearm upgrade on the LP12. Will be looking at a 552 then or possibly 252 or 52 depending on funds.

With a maxed out LP12 Klimax you will definitely benefit from a 552.

I think the thing is if you have the top spec LP12 or ND555 or other top spec source you’re going to benefit from the best preamp.

It’s a source first mentality and with Naim the preamp is part of the source.

A 300DR can come later and a different streamer as necessary.

If you’re interested in buying a 552 then a dealer should defo lend you one and come out and set it up if they want your business !


Thanks Dan.

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I would look at the 252 with SupercapDR, and 552 DR on your shortlist.

I don’t think the 282 is going to be enough for for the Linn Klimax personally.

Best of luck and enjoy the music!



I’ve arranged a home demo - 252/SCDR. 552 is out of reach at the moment.

Let’s see how I go eh.


That sounds like a great move. I heard a 252 with a 500 and Linn Klimax at the dealers and it sounded superb. It also had an NDX2 with 555PS playing and that sounded very good but the Klimax was a fair bit better to my ears.

You won’t go wrong with the 252. A used 552 with DR PS can be had in the region of £10000. A new 252 with Supercap DR will come in at a bit more.

See how things go.


I run a 252/300 with a near Klimax LP12 into 606s and think it’s a mighty fine and balanced system.


A three year old 552 with PS DR command nearer to 15k. You might find a 20 year old one for 10k :slight_smile:

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I use a 552 with a 250DR too. My 552 is a mint non DR example from 2008 and I bought it pre loved from a dealer a couple of years ago.

With a top notch LP12 and a 250DR driving the lovely 606s, I’d be looking for a pre loved 552, if you can stretch that far. A nice non DR model can be had for £10k to £12k, and you can always DR it when funds permit. A 552 will get the very best out of your lovely TT and the 250DR has enough welly to drive the 606s.

Oh and just hang on to the 272 for iRadio.


I’ve seen a couple of 552DR’s go over the past few months between 10 and 12k on a well known auction site.


How does a 552 non DR fair with a DR’ed 252 setup Nigel, have you ever heard a comparison out of interest?
DR seems to make such a difference with whatever it’s on from what I’ve heard. :+1:

Personally, I would only buy a 552 from a Naim dealer. It may cost a bit more but it is worth it IMO for peace of mind and the back-up on offer.


I had a 252/SuperCapDR before my non DR 552, both used with my 250DR. The 552 is just another beast, no comparison, even unDR’d.


from a certain cost , I always follow you’re sugestion. Indeed, a peace of mind.

They are out there on auction sites for £10k. It’s going to be an older 552 that has been DR’ed. You’re right it won’t be 3 years old mint.

If it’s been serviced and DR’ed for £10 or £12k and in good condition I would go for it and save £10k.

Might be better buy than new 252 with Supercap DR.

If I had £10 to £12k I would go for 552 rather than new 252 Supercap DR.


Still open to both options but will start with the 252 which ain’t bad, right?

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