Where to find a NAC 82 remote control?

Hello all,

I’ve got a pre-loved NAC 82 (which sounds just lovely!) and the original remote control has been lost to the mists of time. I know the current Narcom can be used to control the NAC 82, which is what I’ve been using as I have a Supernait 2 as a power amp. At some point in the future, as funds allow, I’ll be moving on the SN2 for a NAP250. It would be nice to have an original NAC 82 remote (yes, I am being a tad anal retentive). I’ve contacted Darren @ Class A, Tom Tom Audio and Naim—no original remotes to be had :frowning: .

I’m also trawling various auction sites to see if one pops up on any of those. If anybody on the forum has any bright ideas/tips on where I can find one of these I’d be most appreciative.


Keep looking…

The Forum rules will, or should, prevent people posting links though… :thinking:

I believe there were two versions, different colouring. Which are you looking for? ( If my memory is correct)

Forum rules prohibit either sales or wants posts. Your best bet is to keep an eye out on the usual places (eBay etc.). If it’s an early NAC82 then it used the first Narcom type - here’s a picture of my own unit.

These are pretty rare. Otherwise look out for a black, grey and green Narcom 2, pictured below;



There seems to be one for sale in Canada on a site called Canuck Audio Mart.
(No link included and hoping my post doesn’t breach the rules)

Ah, these are the two I was thinking of


Yes, that the green Narcom 2 on the left. Then came a black and grey as shown in my post above (there was also a slighter later variant with solid logo “knobs”). And after that the all-grey with the new half moon logo that arrived with the 5 series and continued with the Classic range.


My 82 came with the ‘Green’ NARCOM on the left above.

But… I actually use the later version which came with my CDX2. Think its a NARCOM 3…?

It looks like this -

And there are some on the Bay Place… :thinking:

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Thanks for the pics. Sorry, wasn’t soliciting, just hoping others can point me in right directions. Seems like I’ve got my bases covered though with alerts setup for all the various auction sites.

Thanks, haven’t looked there yet!

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Narcom 4, aka the “Stealth”.

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Why stealth? Thinner and less obtrusive than its predecessors, perhaps?

IIRC, that was what the maker/supplier called that style of handset. A few other UK specialist manufacturers used a similar style remote at the time from the same supplier.

Personally I felt it was a big improvement over the almost universally disliked Narcom 3 (see below), although I think the current Narcom 5 is my favourite of all.


It uses a pretty standard IR communication protocol. Search for “Naim Remote” (not Narcom) on ebay and you’ll find lots for under ten quid.

Yeah, if I’m interpreting the size correctly, I can see how the 4 would look stealthy compared to the 3!

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Yes, thanks, these were the first things I saw but not what I was after.

Darren from Class A comes through with the goods, what a legend! :partying_face: :+1:t5:

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