Where to place components in a rack?

Hi! I have a rack with space for 8 full size components but I have to fit a SL, Hicap Dr, CDS, CDSPS, Nac82, SC, Geddon, 2 nap 135 (only one nap 250 in picture) and the nacps. Today a got a good deal on an NAT01 with PS so space is an issue. The components correspond to 9 fullsize if I calculate right. I also know that it is good to have some space between some PS and Source. My priorities are Vinyl, CD and last Radio. Current thinking is to “hide” the nacps and place the nat01 and Ps “on the side”, leave the SL alone and pair the Geddon with the Hicap. Advice would be appreciated!

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Don’t know about the kit but that’s the perfect spot for a glass of red. Hicap should help to bring it up to room temperature.


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In its current state it is actually at exactly room temperature…prefer the pinot slightly lower … but thanks for the suggestion!


Do the maths! You need another rack.

Is that a Riedel Vinum glass?

Yes, the new world pinot, recommended!

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Hi @Josaa. This looks difficult as there might be more boxes than spaces.

I think there are 5 “head units” (LP12/Superline/CDS/82/NAT01) with 5 matching PSU’s. Add 2 x 135’s and there are 11 boxes plus the LP12.

You probably know the general rule is to keep HU’s and all PSU’s as far apart as possible. If you have the budget you could put 3 or 4 “Head Units” on a 3/4 level Fraim (or something else, my Quadraspire was a big step up from loose boxes). The Superline could have a level, be kept on the floor or anywhere well away from the PSU’s as it likes a lot of space.

This leaves 7 boxes/PSU’s (including 135’s) for the current rack, put the 135’s on the bottom level so they only have another PSU on one side (above).

Cables will be a nightmare, they shouldn’t touch each other or the floor. (Good luck!)

Finally, leave the 8th and empty space on the top of the current rack. Buy three nice coasters, a second Riedel Vinum glass and some more Pinot. After this you might want to show off the new set up or just relax a little, I normally find some Kate Bush lures a friend in to share the evening.

Thanks a million!

You are right - I need an additional stand. To calm my OCD I will build a normal width in the same design and put on the side. That gives 12 full size (13 with the Wulkan). Maybe space for a future streamer?

I need to relax more-I am currently a bit up beat…

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