Where to put gap? - and stacking order review

OK so I have my new 552 arriving tomorrow so I need to sort my stack.

For now I have no option to have 2 stacks. Having read a few other threads is this the best stack? Also where (because I do have one extra level) do I leave a gap?

All advice welcome.

Suggest you put the gap between the NDX2 and the NAP300.

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Cool and keep the 552 on Top?

There is a bit of “try it and use your ears” here, but my guess is that @IanRobertM is right on where to have the gap and you are right on the order.

If that leaves cables irretrievably tangled and stressed or lying on the floor, it could lead to an obvious lack of clarity or a hum. If it sounds fine, then you can probably treat the order and related cable-dressing as done.

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Great super helpful. I want to get it as close first time given every time I move something the bloody ball bearings pop and roll all over the floor - I have a love hate relationship with the Fraim!!

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Just the Perceived Wisdom Around These Parts… :crazy_face:

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Why not the gap between the 552 and the NDX2? Surely the item to keep purest is the 552?


My attempts at rearranging things have usually suggested keeping anything without a hefty transformer away from (and ideally well above or to the left of) anything with a hefty transformer.

Other variations can, like messing up the cables but worse, create blurring in what should be crisp and/ or a hum.

Otoh, there is nothing sacred here - if some more convenient variation sounds just as good to you, then it is just as good.

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Is your rack Fraim? I don’t know for sure, but think there’s a 6 shelf recommended “limit” - and I’m also not sure if a gap shelf counts in that. Any concerns that the rack would be too high at what I guess will be seven levels? Apologies if I can’t count X)

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Indeed the dealer order six but that includes a base and so there are 7 levels. That’s what I was told - good spot and I hope I am right not you….


Here’s the manual - I’m not actually sure if the base counts, based on the wording

I’m sure some members have stacks higher, might be worth a search about it. And I’m sure the manual is erring on the safe side. Hopefully the information is helpful anyway.

It’s a lovely looking system, and room!!


Love the Bowers .

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I will look up to see if the FraimLite is different to the Fraim…

It’s gonna look even better with the 552!


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So seems we are good - excluding base….

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