Where would you take my system next?

Looking at where to go for our next step.
Thoughts at the moment, swap ndx for an nds.
Swap ndx and xps for an nds 555.
Swap 250 for a 300.
Most of our listening from the steamer is through the melco so not overly fussed about new platforms. Would rather have improvement in sound over the new features.

We have had a demo of the new 222, 300 and 250. Both thought this was a side step at best. To be honest as soon as we got home we preferred our system over the demo in all aspects.

Where would you put your money?

An NDS with 555PS would be an excellent upgrade and going source first would be best to do first off.
It will give you more refinement, detail and give a more natural presentation.

You have great amplification with 282 and Supercap DR and 250 DR. A 300DR will take things further still. It will give you more grip and control. This would be a 2nd upgrade.

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The other option after the NDS 555PS is to go for a 252 or if you have the funds a 552. This will take things to another level.

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I think the source upgrade would bring you most so go for the NDS, and if funds permit also consider the 252 as the 282 would otherwise be the limiting factor. With the 250 you have a decent amplification which can be upgraded but I wouldn’t suggest it to be the next step.

So to be clear…

  • first source, NDS
  • then pre-amp, 252
  • only then you could consider the 300…

I would spend the money on a cruise to the Artic circle to see the Northern Lights.


What @BertBird says.

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Some say skip 252 and go to 552. And 282 Supercap DR combo with 300DR also work well. Some prefer it to 252 300.

552 is out of reach at the minute.
Could also use an nds with xps and do the 250 to 300?
Does the 555 bring a lot more to the nds than the xps?

I also agree with Bertbird with one caveat. Step two should be a preamp and I am a long term lover of the 252. These may be heavily discounted for a while. That said I would wait for the release of the new 300 pre before jumping.

You can never go wrong with improving the source though.

These amps are discontinued so Naim dealers will be looking at getting rid of any old stock. It could be now a good time to buy at a discount.

252 first as I found it made a big difference after an 82.

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