Which amp with NDX2

I am willing to replace an audio-video yamaha ampli with a Naim ampli but need an hdmi arc to connect the video projector.
What is the best solution ?
I appreciate the iphone App to controle the NDX2 and would like to controle the volume with the same App.
Is it possible ?

The NDX2 has no HDMI ARC input (nor any HDMI), and the analog amps of course don’t, either. For HDMI ARC, I think your only option would be a Uniti. Does the projector not have S/PDIF output? You can connect that to the NDX2 and then control the Naim amp volume by Naim’s system automation, from the app as well. (S/PDIF is less hassle than the wonky HDMI ARC, anyway). An NDX2 and SN3 would be nice.

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