Which band would you pay good money to see live if they reformed?

The Mothers of Invention.:sunglasses:

The Police


The Hamsters.

Fantastic live band.



Talk Talk.
City Boy.

Sadly, I never saw either of them but they are still two of my all time favourites.

The Shadows

Classics, both.

Mozart without a doubt

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None. I can live with tribute bands!

Dire Streets - Dereham - March 29th …

The Rolling Stones.

WHAT? No surely not!

Funny, despite the original request, the vast majority of responses have related to bands where one or more members are deceased.

Of those still alive, the Edgar Broughton Band, Marillion with Fish come immediately to mind

Otherwise where some are deceased: First would be The Who.
Next thoughts Pink Floyd, Deep Purple Mk2, Twelfth Night with Geoff Mann. Stones circa 1970. etc

Then there are people or bands I never saw, like Hendrix, Led Zep

But as for paying “good money”, I would pay a lot to see them playing in their prime, but only a modest amount playing in their dotage.and that is the issue as when there have been reunions of former major names they have tended to be at the pricy end of the tichpket range, and in huge venues that I dislike,

Of all of those the one I saw most recently was The Who about 12 years ago, in a venue of only about 2 or 3000 capacity, when they put on a pretty credible performance that was a good echo of my memories from 30+ years earlier. But as time goes by maybe that gets less likely. The reality is that more likely than not I would be a bit disappointed, as what I liked was what they did N years ago.

Now, of course, that is where a good tribute band can have a role…

Queen for sure.

News of the word tour and Live Killer tour.


I would happily contribute to the OP’s Blue Nile reformation fund.

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I saw the Who a year or so ago. Wish I hadn’t, the show was competent enough but I’d rather have had my memories of what I’d seen previously.

Also saw Jethro Tull recently and sadly Ian’s voice is shot (or was at that show). He still moved well though.

On the other hand… saw Hawkwind recently and they were great. Also Black Sabbath at their last show in Birmingham were pretty good.

Dream Theater with Mike Portnoy…

Elvis Presley & The Jordinaires… despite strong rumours to the contrary, Elvis is still alive. I know this for a fact because Freddie Mercury told me a couple of months ago; it was while I was trying out a new psycho-active substance recommended by a chap I met in the Nag’s Head.


I’ve continued to see them, but then OTOH I never saw them with Keith. I’ve seen them with Roger, Pete, John and Kenny Jones, and Zack Starkey (many times). I’ve enjoyed all of those shows. I’m sure it’s a horses for courses thing.

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Saw them with Moon. Seen them thrice without. Pretty typical of their ilk. Competent performance; great songs but simply not the same band at all. People kid themselves because they love the opportunity to see the performers and the songs but the whole dynamic has changed to an extent you can’t possibly call it the same band … but they always do. Weird that.

Loving OP choices. Either The Blue Nile or The Smiths would be just amazing (although sadly Morrissey’s gradual morphing into a grotesque racist would put me off these days).
I’d rather give Prefab Sprout the nod instead.