Which band would you pay good money to see live if they reformed?

Only rule is that they must all be still alive so a reformation is at least possible in theory.

For me, The Blue Nile and The Smiths. Both alas never likely to happen.

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For me the original New Order line up, but I don’t think Hooky would be up for that …

Im a massive New Order fan and saw them at the Ally Pally in November. Much as i liked Hooky he really wasn’t missed!

You are probably right. I have lost count of the times I have seen them, but the gigs back in the 80’s seemed to be the best for me, but probably a HUGE amount of rose tinted spectacles being used. Oh and getting old … I saw Hooky at the roundhouse a year ago (near the front being stupid for a man of my age) and was thinking “mmm those seats up top look nice and comfy…”

The one I played in when I was 18.


Hi, here is my wish list…

Kraftwerk (original line up 1975>1987) - saw them in 1981, 2004 and recently in 2017 but I miss the original quartet that I learnt to love…
Talking Heads - never saw them, for one reason or another…
Supertramp - never saw them, in 2015 I bought a very expensive ticket for their Milano performance months ahead, the event was cancelled after the news of Rick Davies’ illness
Roxy Music - never saw them live
White Stripes - saw them in 2005 and it was great

…but most of those I would really pay good money for can no longer plan a reunion…life can be cruel…

Fleetwood Mac


Roxy Music…even with Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno :thinking:

Queen, but sadly that’s impossible :disappointed_relieved:


Richard and Linda Thompson, I believe Linda has got her singing voice back after years of issues with dysphonia, but given how their relationship ended it might be musically excellent, but tense to say the least.

Another one here for Queen, absolute legends that I unfortunately didn’t embrace until I was a lot older.

Also Pink Floyd, just remarkable in the DSOTM - Division Bell period imho

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The Band while performing the Last Waltz.

Runrig , after last August retirement "do " in front of 25000 fans in Stirling. Lets do it all again

If all parties were still with us, for me it would have to be The Beatles, Bowie or Led Zeppelin at their height. Had the chance to go and see DB in the 90s and declined the offer from a friend who had a spare ticket at the time (stupid boy :disappointed:).

Rush although I don’t think it’s very likely as apparently Neil Peart has stopped drumming altogether.



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Bon Scott line-up AC/DC or Zep

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You do know that they sing together periodically at family get togethers?

Seen a fair few reformed bands. Find the fawning over then tedious. Have yet to see anything that was more than a pale retread. People always make such claims but it’s wishful thinking and a large dose of imagination. The only one I thought were truly awesome were the Velvets in the early 90s. Sadly my father had seen them first time around and didn’t hesitate to tell me that great as it was to see them on a stage they were nevertheless an anodyne; pristine; polite version of the original.

I wasn’t aware, I thought that when they recorded Family a few years ago even the ensemble number was done by tape. Nice to hear that the feelings have softened. Thanks.