Which burndy for NDX2 to 555ps dr


I feel sure that an sxps burndy is needed but someone has told be i need a 555 burndy!! I’m not sure that you can even buy these.


Yes you can buy a 555 psu burndy from a Naim dealer

You’ll need an XPS or better yet, an S-XPS Burndy for the NDX2 connect to either an XPS2/DR or 555PS/DR

How do you tell the difference between XPS burndy and S-XPS burndy?

Also is the s an upgraded later version?


The S-XPS has S-XPS written on the collar. And yes, the S is better.

Thanks hh

I believe the XPS is grey while the S-XPS is black.

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Oh I’ve got a black burndy that says NA XPS on my 555PS…

There was a grey XPS Burndy, but the black one that replaced it was better. Then the black one was improved further and called the S-XPS Burndy. You tell it’s an S-XPS Burndy because it will be labelled as such on the banded collar.

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Well that’s just ridiculously obvious. How dare Naim be so logical. :joy:

Better at what? For the price?

Hello Richard
Is the NA XPS the one before the S XPS?


Yes. Moving up to an S-XPS is very worthwhile upgrade.

Just a quick one here if i may? I’ve noticed on one end of my SXPS Burndy cable that the black moulded surround twists back and forth about 10 degrees either way, even when locked into place. The other end not so much. Is this ok? Does the collar need sightly tightening up via the two allen/torx screws?

And, if only Naim had put some match marks on each end ( this does assume the cable us directional) never an easy job trying to fit these things around the back of a rack. Go on Naim, give us a clue!

The collar is at the source end. What more do you need?

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I’ve just nicked up ever so slightly the collars with a torque driver. Both ends feel the same now. The torx screws were a little loose. I find the cable quite easy to fit once you orientate it and relax it. All plugged back in now and sounding great.

Thanks Richard

It’s better to have it so the moulded end can twist just a little bit. Whatever you do, don’t overtighten this as it kills performance.

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That’s great Richard. Many thanks for your advice here. Yes i just nipped the screws up ever so slightly, so there is still a little play (twisting action), and is the same as the other ‘untouched’ end. Plugged back in and all sounds great.