Which Burndy is this for?

Just moved house and have been sorting through cables and I have this cable left, it’s got 15 pins at either end

Any ideas?

I believe the 15 pin version is for the 252, so would be supplied in the box with the preamp.


I think HH is correct. 15 pin is right for the NAC252.

Thanks for that, I’m not sure how I’ve ended up with an extra cable

Is it a Naim produced burndy?

The outer ring (as per picture) looks unnaturally shiny and rounded(?) to me.

If you bought your Supercap(s) pre-loved, perhaps someone put this in the box (in error)?

System was purchased new

I’ll compare the ends to an sxps burndy but it looks like a genuine naim one to me

The socket is bigger than a 252 or 555, there is 23 connectors with 15 pins

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