Which Cable for NDS to PC for 4.8 Update - Help Please

Hi. This request is a tad outdated as most members have already done this. What tyoe of cable and connectors on each end do I need to connect the NDS to my PC.
The dealers here just say they can’t do it.
Thank you for any assistance on this.


Think a USB to USB mini cable is all that’s required & possibly need to install a driver on your PC. See: Naim Audio Forum Archive

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The cable has to be “fully wired” for data as well as power.

(Back in the day many cables were bundled with items like digital cameras just to enable recharging of the battery. Such a cable won’t work for the Naim firmware update.)

Thanks for the info. If that’s all it is, I’ve got one of those. It must be that I didn’t have the driver installed then. I’ll try it this week.
Thanks again.

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