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Hi , recently upgraded my streamer to Lumin T2 which is connected to my Xs2, at the moment use Atlas equator rca to connect the 2 , without blowing the bank what upgrade would you recommend

I doubt another cable will do much.
The Lumin is an excellent streamer & now the Nait & whatever the speakers are is maybe the better way to upgrade

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Naim amps generally prefer DIN connections, so although the XS2 offers a choice, I would go for an RCA to DIN. A Naim HiLine would be a nice option, but might fall into your definition of blowing the bank! Even the regular Naim interconnect is a very decent cable, or maybe something from Chord.

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I agree, I would definitely try if possible to go for an RCA Phono to DIN interconnect.


As others have said, RCA/phono to DIN would be the way to go. I personally have good experiences with Chord Shawline, which to my ears is very good and better than the Naim standard interconnnect without being silly money (around GBP 225). I believe you can also get the cheaper (around GBP 125) Chord Clearway in RCA-DIN configuration. I haven’t heard it, but I suspect it won’t be much of an improvement (if any) over your current cable.

Thanks all, was thinking about Rca to Din but they seem pretty rare, will look into the Chord Shawline

Not to put a dampner on this, but my personal experience of the chord shawline made things a bit ‘bright/brash’ for my taste. I did however purchase a ‘preloved’ hiline & that was a very good improvement - all down to individual preference; not dismissing others findings :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is it about your current wire you don’t like or you feel is lacking?

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Hi , not so much anything lacking with current cable but would I benefit from rca to din

A Chord Clearway RCA >> DIN interconnect is a fantastic cable and should almost certainly be considered for a NAIT. Great value too.

Try and borrow a demo cable or buy on a sale or return basis. Many good dealers and suppliers are amenable to this in the current situation.

People will recommend all sorts with the best will in the world, but that provides no guarantee you’ll find them to your taste…

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