Which Cables to connect Supercap DR to SN3

Hi I have done a lot of searching to find the exact answer on this - but most replies throw up conflicts. Some say you would only use one cable and there fore its pointless? I was thinking to upgrade from a Hi cap DR - would it not still use the Snaic 4 and Snaic 5. I know some people think it isn’t worth it - but my OCD uncomfortablenss with that half size hicap in the rack is doing my nut. Even thought about buying a Superline to balance it - but then Id never want to put a massive toroid on the same shelf as microphonic vulnerable phono stage - what to do eh.

I may upgrade in future to pre/power combo so it may be useful then as well. But will I still need a hicap for the power amp? Thanks for any directions.

Yes it’s the same cables as the Hicap. The SN3 can only use two rails from an external power supply.

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Thanks James. That is extremely helpful. Do you know whether it is possible to ever run more than one device from a single PSU. There seems to be lots of sockets on the back of the super and hicap - but not sure whether the extra socketry is just in place for the specific item you expect to power.

Only with a flatcap.

No it’s not recommended to power more than one device at the same time, unless, as Robert points out with the Flatcap, it’s designed to do so.

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Thanks guys, So it is not possible to power the Sn3 via snaics and also a superline through a burndy at same time. I now see the tragedy of all those un used power rails when just running a SN3. Im also assuming that the Superline won’t benefit from the SN3 aux output if the SN3 is powered by a Supercap as it will only supply 2 rails on the the Superline.

Yes - not advisable. You can either power the Superline or SN3, not both. The Superline won’t really benefit from the external PSU if powered via the SN3. On preamps such as the 252 and 552, the powered input socket is fed from dedicated rails in the Supercap (via the Burndy cable to the preamp) rather than from power rails being shared with other parts of the amp.

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So much help here. I have now got a Superline coming, plus just got the Supercap DR. I also have a Hicap DR currently supplying SN3. Going forward do you think the SCDR powering the SN3 would be the right decision with the HCDR powering the Superline. Or would you recommend it is done the other way round with SCDR supplying the Superline and the SN3 stays on the HCDR. Reading forum, the general feeling is everyone says source first. I know I should just plug it all in in different combos and listen to it - but I cant explain how much I hate recabling everything. So looking for consensus on what I should probably start at. Thanks in advance.

Dedicate the Supercap DR to the Superline. It will require a Burndy cable, which you may already have.

Best regards, BF

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Source first I suppose and the Superline can make use of far more power rails from the Supercap than the Supernait so it would make sense to use it this way. As you say though, best to try it yourself in both configurations to see what you find sounds best :slightly_smiling_face:

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