Which CD player for Supernait?

I have a simple CDX2.2 + Supernait2 + Harbeth 73-es system.
All Naim cabling. (Hi-line, Powerlines direct into the wall sockets).
Needless to say, I like the sytem and it never fails to sound musical.
One key thought that often occurs is how well the synergy is.
It sounds of “one piece”.
It just sounds as if they were voiced together during the design process. (hard to describe but you will know it when you hear it).
I suspect the synergy between the CDX2.2 and Supernait2 is key.
I fully recommend that you look for a CDX2.2.


I think the two holes in the Naim range of products are a replacement for a 272 and a CD transport. Totally agree a CD transport would sell in good numbers .

I have twice bought second hand and neither was a success, so would be wary of a machine I did not know the provenance of .

I have a CDX2 , which I am thinking of furloughing against a time where I can go to Hi Cap SN3/ND5XS2 instead of a Nova and UnitiQute (I use it as a DAC for my AV and then feed into Nova)

If I was buying a CD player to match a Supernait , I would look in the £2500 to £4,000 price range and find there aren’t many . Personally my first point of call would be to audition the top of the range, anniversary Denon (5 year guarantee) or maybe a Luxman

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Rega Isis sometime available at good price, supported by Rega with spares stocked.
The new Apollo is excellent VFM, I use it in a secondary setup, by far the best Apollo edition.
Also have recently had my original Saturn serviced, a very smooth sound.

Rega Apollo makes a mighty fine transport, it’s how I use mine now, into a Musical fidelity mx-dac. Has the same tactile satisfaction as my Cdx2.2 with the Rega being a top loader with a lid resembling the Starship Enterprise.

MF Mx-dac excellent value for money in my opinion.

You can get a CDX2.2 for next to nothing, but it really shines with an XPS DR - which is probably about two or three times the price you’ll pay for a second-hand CDX2.2. You have to bear that in mind.
I used to have a CD5XS with a Flatcap, and it wasn’t bad at all.

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Depends on how you classify " next to nothing". I’d snap one up if I could find a 2.2 for £1500. Paid £1100 for my cd5xs. But I only use it as a transport, I was happy to go with the cd5xs

A CDX2 really shines on a full Fraim shelf, I’d take that before a power supply even into a 282/hi/250, having originally done it the other way on Lite.

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There was a 2.2 at 1,500€ on a French site a few days ago, it’s gone now. Nobody wants them any more… except old-timers like us.

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“next to nothing” is a question of definitions

Indeed, but depreciation has been horrendous for CD players in recent years. Hence the “next to nothing” - a CDX2 was around £5,000 new only a couple of years ago, wasn’t it?

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Yeah sure, prices for CD555 and CDS3 are also much lower and great quality for a very good price. I just am not in the habit of considering 1500 to be next to nothing :wink:


Neither I am… perhaps “next to nothing” was a bit exaggerated - but so many on this forum have full 500 systems that you begin to think £1,500 is just pocket money. I’m not in that league, I hasten to add.

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Sure, in a 500 system. But this thread is about a Supernait :wink: But yeah, it’s something to consider.

Hegel Mohican ?

Does anyone have any experience of the Luxman DN150 cd player?

Thanks everyone for the thoughtful replies! Some folks mentioned transports—has anyone found any success using a transport into the SN1 dac? I happen to like the dac in the ‘nait, but have no clue how it would handle a cd file.

Hi Bob,
@feeling_zen has experience with the Luxman D-N150. See his thread here that has some information on it.


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When I had CD5XS and SN1, I did try using digital out from the CD player into the SN. It worked well, but as I had an nDAC, it was only an experiment and unsurprisingly not as good as the CD5XS/nDAC. However a decent used transport, such as Meridian 200 or 500 into the DAC in the SN could be a cost-effective way forward.


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Hi @patk
Many thanks, greatly appreciated.

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