Which CD player for Supernait?

I just came into a massive collection of CDs (classical and jazz), so now I’d like to add a CD player to my system. I have a supernait with hicap, powering some KEF LS50s. I was hoping to buy used, and see lots of CD5i and CD5si available around 1k USD. Would either of those players be a good match for my system, or should I really be looking for a higher-end model like the CDX2 or such?

I currently own zero HDCD or SACDs, and not sure I would go that direction anyway (I listen to mainly vinyl), so having that capability would be nice (I know the CD5 series doesn’t have the ability) but it’s not a deal-breaker. I hoped to stick with Naim, unless someone has a compelling argument not to. Thanks for your time and expertise!

I’d probably wait for a used CDX2. A noticeably better overall player than the 5 series, and you can drive yourself nuts upgrading it with a power supply (amongst other things!).


I would pass the entry level CD5i series.
Your amp will reveal to much.

There are far better players out there, a CD5x or CD5XS with separate Flatcap PSU are very good.
CDX or CDX2 not bad either, can be upgraded with XPS series PSU.
If budget a CDS2 or 3 is really superb, not sure they are supported though.

I have tried all above but ended up happy. with a Rega CD.


Tho cdx2 is the directly matching player, I’ve never liked it for classical music. Cd5x / cd5xs or even cd5si worked well. Cds3 must be magic but haven’t heard it yet unfortunately :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice! Perchance, which Rega did you settle on?

I’ve got both a Rega Apollo CDP (current version) and a very late edition cdx2-2.

Rega is in a second system.

The cdx2-2 was an investment from a cdx2, which I traded in just because I loved it but wanted to protect investment.

The Apollo is very good but I now use it as a transport into a Musical Fidelity MX-Dac, which I’ve upgraded with an after market power supply (to be honest power supply not sure it’s made a difference).

The Cdx2-2 is on another planet to the Rega (no pun intended), and I will seriously consider power supply upgrades down the line.

So much body and texture to cdx2-2, delicious covers it.

Mx-dac brought a big improvement on the Apollo, which natively has a nice earthyness to its presentation but lacks some projection.

Should add that is all into a SN3, hi cap DR and most recently Ls50 metas.


I would suggest a used original rega saturn


CD5XS or CDX2. The Regas are great but I’m not sure if they’re repairable.

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I had a new transport fitted to my saturn last year so yes they are repairable

I have owned the following Naim CD players:

CD5si was good with introductory system with Nait 5si. When I changed the Nait for an 82 and HiCap, the CD5si sounding lacking compared to the ND5XS.

I then went on to a CDS2 with XPS. Absolutely sublime. Amazing sound. Sold it to fund an NDS with 555PS. Deeply regretted the sale of the CDS2.

A year or so later I went for the CDS3 with XPS2. Much happier having a CD player.

The CDS2 vs CDS3. Tbh they are different. Am very happy with the CDS3 but something about the CDS2 was very special and regret selling it. It sounded warmer and very Naim olive.

CDS3 has more detail and dynamics and more modern.

As for CDX2 it is below the CDS3 but some prefer and with an XPSDR or 555PS am sure it will be on similar level.

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I own a Marantz SACD 30n player. Love it. The DAC is great and it streams though I use a separate streamer. $2500 US dollars so more than a used naim CD player I think. Probably worth it


or you can get a good DAC like mytek for 1K. use a Samsung DVD player as a transport


Although the flat capped cd5x has now been separated from the Super nait and removed for use with the Trilogy headphone amplifier I found that grouping to produce a wonderful full and harmonious sound.
Cd5xs would be great as you will have the option of the digital out.

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Hi @eltigreferoz I used a CDX2.2 with only a Supernait 2 for several years and the combination works really well with all types of music. I then had the opportunity to get a new 250DR at a great price and that took the sound further, using the SN2 as a preamplifier only.

Since then I added a HiCapDR (better again) and when I added a XPSDR to the CDX2.2 things took a big jump and it was like having a completely new and improved collection. My next move is to get a better preamplifier, which might be a new model if naim release one!

The CDX2.2 will play HDCD’s and of course the CD layer of a hybrid SACD, and as you can now see gets my strong recommendation for your new collection!

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It depends how long you want your CD player to last.

Recommending Naim CD players is all fair and well, but, these on the whole will be second-hand and you have no idea how long the transport will last. You could be unlucky and have the transport pack up a week after you have bought the machine. Naim have run out of replacement transports for a lot of their players, I understand. You could end up with an expensive door-stop…

If you want a CD player that has a good life in it, you may be better off buying new from the likes of Rega. They, I believe, have healthy supplies of replacement transports.

If only Naim would come out with a new CD transport - they would sell like hot cakes.

IMHO of course… :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a simple CDX2.2 + Supernait2 + Harbeth 73-es system.
All Naim cabling. (Hi-line, Powerlines direct into the wall sockets).
Needless to say, I like the sytem and it never fails to sound musical.
One key thought that often occurs is how well the synergy is.
It sounds of “one piece”.
It just sounds as if they were voiced together during the design process. (hard to describe but you will know it when you hear it).
I suspect the synergy between the CDX2.2 and Supernait2 is key.
I fully recommend that you look for a CDX2.2.


I think the two holes in the Naim range of products are a replacement for a 272 and a CD transport. Totally agree a CD transport would sell in good numbers .

I have twice bought second hand and neither was a success, so would be wary of a machine I did not know the provenance of .

I have a CDX2 , which I am thinking of furloughing against a time where I can go to Hi Cap SN3/ND5XS2 instead of a Nova and UnitiQute (I use it as a DAC for my AV and then feed into Nova)

If I was buying a CD player to match a Supernait , I would look in the £2500 to £4,000 price range and find there aren’t many . Personally my first point of call would be to audition the top of the range, anniversary Denon (5 year guarantee) or maybe a Luxman

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Rega Isis sometime available at good price, supported by Rega with spares stocked.
The new Apollo is excellent VFM, I use it in a secondary setup, by far the best Apollo edition.
Also have recently had my original Saturn serviced, a very smooth sound.

Rega Apollo makes a mighty fine transport, it’s how I use mine now, into a Musical fidelity mx-dac. Has the same tactile satisfaction as my Cdx2.2 with the Rega being a top loader with a lid resembling the Starship Enterprise.

MF Mx-dac excellent value for money in my opinion.

You can get a CDX2.2 for next to nothing, but it really shines with an XPS DR - which is probably about two or three times the price you’ll pay for a second-hand CDX2.2. You have to bear that in mind.
I used to have a CD5XS with a Flatcap, and it wasn’t bad at all.

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