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Hello, first of all I would like to thank all your recommendations and contributions in helping assembling an olive series system, to date I have sourced a very nice 180/72 however the cd is a bit elusive , I thought I had found a nice cdx but it was withdrawn from the well known auction site at the latter part of the auction, anyway my question is what other CD players on a sensible budget do you guys recommend, that is other than Naim units, help would be once again appreciated, regards Neil.

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Budget Neil?
There are some cdx and cd3s on the mentioned site.

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Rega…? I had an Apollo, which was fine.

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Hello, budget sub 1k, I have seen other units on that site, both of which mention age related marks, no mention of age or service, the one I missed was a very late cdx with a warranty, I really would like a pristine unit if I can find one, as already mentioned the 72/180 is immaculate and which I intend on getting serviced, I might consider other makes and keep my eye out for a cdx, how would a quad 66 stack up, regards Neil.

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Something completely different and will clash with the 72/180, but you did ask, and is in budget

Musical Fidelity X-Ray cdp.

The original 1999 to 2001 version. Bullet proof. Digital out if required. Had mine for over 20 years before I turned to the dark side.

Hello, thanks will check out your suggestion, having been out of the loop for so long I have no idea about some of the esoteric names, regards Neil.

If your staying with Naim then a CD5Si is pretty good, I had one but the CDS2 was much better. A CDX will be better than a CD5Si though.

How about a Cyrus CDi? Looks very good and have great reputation.

Rega Apollo is cheaper still. Well respected.

Musical Fidelity M2sCD. Worth a demo.

Arcam CDS50. Had an old Arcam which was great. Maybe this is worth a demo too.

Personally with your system I would go with a CDX or CDS2 with XPS but latter will be outside of your budget.

I have had the CDS2 with XPS and now CDS3 with XPS2 and they are both stunning.

CDX do come up regularly on eBay. Keep looking!

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Hello, thanks and yes that would seem to be the best solution, will just wait for a late pristine cdx, after all I intend to live with the system for a while. Regards Neil.

A wise move @Neil1956. Hold out. They do come up. It’s at your budget point and perfect for your system. If you can push your budget a CDS or CDS2 with XPS or CDPS is amazing.

I regretted selling my CDS2 with XPS. It was amazing. The CDS3 and XPS2 is great but there was something extra special about the CDS2! It was an absolute belter!


Have a look on Tom Tom Audio website Neil - preloved Naim gear. Or they might be able to source one for you, they are very helpful



Hello and thanks for suggestion, Tom Tom is on my radar, at the moment they have one unit with marks and another that was repaired in 2010, perhaps I’m picky but I feel I would rather have a mint never been touched unit, but I will continue to check them out, regards Neil.

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The CDS2 I had was from Cymbiosis and the CDS3 from ebay. Both are unmarked, immaculate. It’s likely at some point any of these CD players you buy will have been repaired and the mech changed tbf.

Dan, do you have experience with the cds1?

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Yes, I have heard one and found it similar to the CDS2. The sound is very similar. Both great players and they look the same. CDS3 sounds less warm with greater clarity. Different character, which is what I now have.

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There’s a CDX on eBay at the moment. Might be worth a look.

Hello, thanks for reply I have messaged the eBay item and it has no service history the price I would have expected the unit to have a bit of history, as you say most will have been looked at but by who and what was done, if it hasn’t than how long will the mech or laser last, which is another question is the cdx mech and laser still available, if it is than it might be worth a punt at any good cosmetic unit. Regards.

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My CDS2 had a new mech and had been in for repairs. I had no problems with it. My CDS3 has no history and no information and I bought it blind. No problems so far. It is a risk buying something 20 to 30 years old but these players are top notch and would have cost £8k back in the day with power supply. The CDX without power supply probably £3.5k. You are getting a quality product. Worry is if it goes wrong. I understand Naim can still repair them. Maybe someone can confirm that the mech for the CDX is still available if it goes wrong?

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Hi I will give the factory a call tomorrow to find out about new laser if available and not prohibitive in price I might just buy a cdx and get it done while they are, I’m getting amps serviced and that would mean everything is hunky dory for quite a while, will post if they are any mechs actually will after I get mine done I know that’s selfish but don’t want them to go if any is available, regards Neil.

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If it’s not broken don’t fix it with the CDX. But it is good to know if they have spares available. I’m not sure they will replace the mech if it is working well.

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Greetings from Australia! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a Naim CD player to accompany my 5si. A second hand CD5 and optional Flatcap 2 has come up locally. Any comments from the Naim brain-trust would be hugely appreciated.

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