Which cd player

So which Naim CDs cannot be repaired today and which are close to getting to that point? I’ve been looking at purchasing a CD5XS but might skip it if the risk is an unusable player now/coming years.

All Naim players can be serviced and repaired still, however, the earliest ones cannot have new mechs fitted if they have failed. IIRC, last time @NeilS posted here he said that CDM4 and CDM9s are all now gone. There are still a few VAM1205s. VAM1250 units are no more but the players can be updated to use VAM1202s. VAM1202 stocks are still good. If the situation has changed then I’m sure if he sees this post then he’ll give us the latest update.

The CD5xs used the VAM1202 - Naim should have good stocks.


Bevo, I’m not sure I’m totally comfortable being considered as “guru”, I shall assume you’re being ironic here…

Truth to tell, I’ve not compared the two as digital transports, so impossible for me to say first-hand, although friends and Naim colleagues, whose opinions I trust, reckon the CDX2.2 beats the CD5xs as a transport.

Guru, according to wikiwhatsit is the dispeller of darkness!
Anyway, I was hoping you’d say the 2 are very similar as digital transports! So similar it’s not worth changing.

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Thanks Richard - so let’s leave it as “oh wise one” ha :smiley:

So has the cdx2.2 the vam1202 , the same as the Cd5xs ?

Much appreciated Richard

Yes, both use the vam1202.

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Is that really 12 years since CDX2.2 .?
Wonderful Maschine, lots of wasted electronics inside if using as transport only.

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It’s a good point from Per. If it were me, I would likely not go for a CDX2.2 if looking to save some cash. When I tested transports into the DAC many years back, I ended up with a Meridian 200 as head and shoulders above all the others (although I did rather enjoy the Naim DVD5 as a transport too). The 500 may be as good or even better…

Thanks Richard. Well I currently have the CD5XS/nDAC/XPS-2 set up. Harry (of Harry and Norman fame Audio Genesis) just dropped in the CDX2 last night , which Norman has been using

It will be an interesting comparison , and aesthetically the CDX2 matches other components in system being the larger box

See how I go


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Excellent. Do let us know. And please give Harry and Norman my best wishes.

Hello, ok not sure about the guru label ok, but definitely Yoda after all your advice, regards Neil

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I’ve had my CD5 for - I shudder to think - about 18 years now. While I don’t often listen to CDs, when I do, they sound pretty damned good.


I’ve checked with Naim and this will definitely invalidate warranty. Seriously though the Naim build is very reassuring compared to some others.


Well Richard , have done the comparison between the CDX2 vs CD5XS used as transports into nDAC and XPS-2

The result - to my aging cloth ears absolutely no difference. Harry has told me so but I thought worth a punt. He even came for a visit and had a listen and said “I told you so” :crazy_face: ha

So interesting that your colleagues say the CDX2 as transport is better sounding. Maybe it’s the northern hemisphere atmosphere being different to the colonial atmosphere down here :flushed: but it was a great shootout

Harry sends his regards



That’s what I want to hear too!
I run a cd5xs into my ndx2/xpsdr. And, it sounds good. I did kick around buying a cdx2.2. But cd is my third or even fourth ( after streaming ripped cds).
So my cd5xs transport is fourth to ripped cds, stored on a nas, and pulled to the ndx2. So spending money more than I have done seamed daft.

Bevo, I can’t comment one way or the other as I’ve never personally compared. However, the important thing here is that you’ve done the demo for yourself and it means you can save yourself some cash.

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I’m more of a vinyl person anyway Richard so as you say money left over for LP’s


Agree with you on that one great Roberto

Hello, I have tried to follow your discussions however most has just gone over my head, I have been out of the hi fi loop for probably 25years just trying to rebuild the simple system I had or near to it, as mentioned I have managed to find mint 72/180 and was after info on CD players, the only thing i know how to rip is my jeans, and was after alternative units to the cdx I was after, for example does the cdx2 sound better than the cdx, I have to ask as I live in a Lincolnshire hi fi wilderness miles from any dealer, regards and thanks.Neil.

OK. So assuming you just want to play cds, direct from a cd player?
Then, if it were me I’d be looking for a late cdx2.2. So that I have the option ,if required later to use a separate dac. I can’t remember if a cdx2.2 allows use of an xpsdr as a better power supply or not. But if so, this is another option.
A cd5xs does have similar options at a lower price. Digital out, and the option to use a flatcap power supply in the internal dac.
Or, a cd5si. Only player available new now.
As for ripping,streaming etc. A whole world of pain/fun it sounds you are not ready for yet.

Cd5xs is what I did. And there’s a decent looking one on ebay right now.