Which Cisco 2960? Does it matter

Hi,quick question I hope. I have searched but answer isn’t easy to find. :blush:

Does it matter which model of 2960 I buy? I’m looking to replace a cheap unmanaged 24 port switch in my network.

Anyone know if this model is good?

Cisco Catalyst 2960-S (WS-C2960S-24TS-S V02) 24 Port Switch.

Thanks in advance

IIRC, the 24 ports have a fan so not one for the listening room. A good bit of advice here -


Thanks for this @james_n !

Switch isn’t in my listening environment.

Does anyone know if I hang an 8 port off my existing chespo switch if it would have the same SQ benefits? Or am I better replacing the cheapo? Thanks

I’d go the other way… I hung a netgear that fed tv etc off the Cisco feeding the hifi

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I like this one
Cisco WS-C2960CG-8TC-L
It provides the ability to go optical should you wish to do so in the future


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Bear in mind that you may not notice any sound quality benefit from installing a Cisco 2960 in place of your current switch.

I am very happy with my two Cisco 2960 switches. They provided me with the extra ports I needed, but I didn’t notice an uplift in sound quality (nor did I really expect one) when I installed them in place of my TP-Link consumer quality switches.


Personally I preferred to use only the Cisco, connected to my router. It uplifted very clearly the sound vs my Netgear cheap switch.


I have booth 24 and 8 port 2960 and the 8 is a bit better and you also get rid of the fan noise from the 24.
Both are great switches.
A bit nerdy but I have also been experimenting with power supplies and finally put a toroidal transformer which made more difference then 8 to 24 port :grin:

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I got a refurbed 8 port Catalyst Cisco 2960G GB switch and even in my modest system it did make a sound improvement over the TP link one I was using. Going to Catsnake 6E cable from this to my Innuos Zen Mini from the Cisco also gave an SQ improvement over the Cat 7 AQ pearl I was using before. Not night and day but a definite improvement.

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