Which DAC is better?

Hi I was wondering which DAC was better, the one in the cdx2.2 or the one in the nds?

Was looking at getting an Nds and putting my cdx2.2 through the nds via a dc1 lead with nds powered by xps2 dr.
Or should I just put cdx2.2 straight into preamp via superlumina lead?

They both use the same DAC chips, albeit in a different configuration. Best try it for yourself and see which you prefer. If you do try the CDX2.2 directly into the preamp then remember to set the NDS ground switch to floating.

If the NDS came after the CDX2.2 then I would expect it to have later DSP which might cause the SQ to be better. I might be wrong, not sure about exact launch dates.

The NDS has a discrete output stage, so it’s similar to the CDS2 or CDS3 or CD555 in this respect.

The CDX2.2 will have an op amp output stage, so it is similar to a budget player in this respect.

All I can write is that I had CD5 XS hooked on NDS/555DR for a few years until I traded in for ND555. It was a wonderful combination on 252DR/300DR and superior to nDAC/555DR - very special.
Since the DDX2.2 and CD5 XS were developed and optimized with the nDAC, and given that the larger part of the mechanical blocks of the CD5 XS and CDX2.2 are the same, I really don’t see why the combination with NDS/555DR would not be much better.

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