Which DIN to XLR cable

I have a Supernait 3 with Hicap DR and considering to buy ATC Scm40A speakers but I am wondering which brand I should buy. I currently have WH Phantom speaker cables and compared many cables before I settled on these. With din to xlr it is not that easy to compare. Does anyone has experience with this?

Naim makes a DIN to XLR cable (for connection to a NAP250) but I’m not sure the pinouts in the XLR plug would work for you (and you’d need two).

I know that Chord have traditionally sold a number of cables to accomodate these configurations, tried and tested.

I believe these are only 1 meter long which won’t cut it to the speakers. :grimacing:

These cables were not wired for balanced connections that your speakers use. They were for the unbalanced XLR input on all NAP250 models except for the current New Classic version.

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