Which Focal for NAP500?

Hi all,
I’ve Naim system with NAP500 as power amp and Canton Rference 3k as speakers.
I would like to move to Focal speakers. I have opportunities both to by second hands Focal Stella Utopia or Focal Scala Utopia.
Of course I would prefer the Stella speakers but I don’t know if they fit well with my NAP 500 or their requires more power.
Do you have some experience or advices on this?

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Keep the Cantons. Nothing sillier than regretting a good thing gone.


If you haven’t already, go and hear the speakers you’re interested in, powered by the 500. Take along your speakers for comparison if the dealer/seller doesn’t have them. You’ll know then what you like best.


Canton Reference 3K weigh 56 Kg each.

Why specifically? Cuts down your choices hugely. Don’t assume that because they are co-owned they are an automatic choice for Naim electronics. You’ll find lots of people who disagree.



Nothing truer has been written for a long time.


I’d get a listen at Kudos Titan range, they are very very good loudspeakers at high budget.
Wonder if you have heard those mentioned Focals ?
I did, very analytical - wouldn’t give them room, lucky we all think different and have different taste - thats why a listen is mandatory.
BTW consider the new 350 mono rather than old 500, no expensive service cost next 10-12 years.
350’s is really something special.


Maybe @Dan_M , our Olympic fastest audio upgrades winner, will have another point of view.
I found personally that the new 350 work more musically on big Focals than 300 dr or 500 dr ( at dealer place).
No Kudos in France.


I bought the Focal Sopra 2s blind. I knew they would be excellent speakers, but some on here said don’t buy blind.

The higher end Focals will be even better. They are incredibly well made. They sound superb with full 500 DR system and they sounded superb when I had 52 and 135s.

If I change them out I would listen to other makes but I don’t think you can go wrong with high end Focal speakers.

Get the best you can afford. They have excellent bass, wide soundstage and are very musical.


Why are you so negative with Focal?
I listen to sopra 2 connected to NAP500 and they were great. For this reason having the opportunity to listen to Stella Utopia (but not wit NAP500) I was asking if some has tried this combination

I’m going to listen to them next week. But connected to McIntosh finals.
For this reason I was asking wether some of you had the chance to listen to them connected with NAP500.

Do you know if the power of a NAP500 is enough for the Stella?

A past post from @joeling :

“ I just took delivery of a pair of Stella Utopia. After the initial day of honeymooning, I now find myself a bit apprehensive over the bright sounding tweeter section of the speakers. Need some insight and assurance from anyone in the know. Dealer did mention that the tweeters will take about 200hours to settle but I am, as usual, a bit overthinking things and fraught with insecurity. When I auditioned the speakers with Naim 500 series amplification and DCS front end all seemed good. Well, right now I am using the backup CD555 as the DCS transport is on the way to UK for repairs.

Help ?”

At shows Naim and Focal generally present Focal Stella Utopia with Statements.
But I think a 500 dr will be good, as a member here had precedently the Stellas with a 300dr, @ampwat :

“ use Focal Maestro Utopia speakers with a nap 500. Prior to that I used Focal Stella Utopia, though that was with a NAP300. My room size is 4.6 x 6.7 m though with a high ceiling at 3.8m.

If you were concerned, there is no issue about these combinations being able to ‘drive the room’ up to and beyond any acceptable level. Like any large high quality speakers positioning can have quite an effect on overall focus.”

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I think that in general that is a good maxim with speakers, more so than other components.

If the seller doesn’t have a NAP500, take yours. And take your speakers as well, both to enable you to compare directly and to give you a baseline for the sound in a room different from yours, and if you can’t audition at home doing the latter can be invaluable.

The 500DR is a very powerful amp and is designed to power high end powerful speakers.

If I was going for Focal Stella Utopia speakers I would be looking at matching it with a full statement system. They are a £120k speaker new. They need best amplification.

The Focal Scala Utopia are a £35k speaker and would be a better match with 500DR.

I haven’t demo’d either but stands to reason that matching them on price to a certain degree would help.

Don’t be tempted Dan :grin:


@PPT always home demo speakers if you can, speakers make or break a setup. You’ve spent a fair amount of cash to reach to a 500 power amp, do it justice and demo a wide range of speakers at your home.

Me, I’ve stuck with Naim speakers for the past 20 years and fortunate to own a pair of Naim SL2s, to my lugs probably the best speakers I’ve heard with Naim amps.

As others have mentioned, the Kudos Titan range is an avenue worth exploring.


I will see you next week my friend!

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