Which inputs should be blanked?

Hi, sorry if this is a repeat, but I can’t find a clear answer on here. I have a nac 202 and nap 200 I’m trying to set up. I have connected a napsc (upgrade one input), and a stage line (Aux 2 upper powered input). Mute on the 202 is flashing. Which input(s) do I need to blank off, please? Just the upgrade 2, or also the link 1? The 202 is used, and came with no plugs. Don’t shout, but can I do the blanking with a paperclip in the interim, and if so, which holes?
Many thanks.

The 200 should be connected to Standard (via a SNAIC4). As you have the NAPSC, the paddle link plug is not in the Link 1 socket, so you just need a round link plug to go into the Upgrade 2 (link 2) socket. Your dealer, or someone like Tom Tom Audio can get you a suitable link plug.

Product Code: 04-001-0017

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Thanks James - so just the one, yes?

Yep. Just one link plug.

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Cool, many thanks.

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