Which interconnect to change first

I’m considering replacing one or both of the interconnects I have with Which Hat Morgana cables (generally positive opinions here, and because I can return if they don’t do it for me). Between the TT2 and the 282 I have a Chord Cobra Vee 3, given to me when I bought my first Naim, a ND5XS, a few years ago. Between the HiCap and 250 I’m using the DIN /XLR that came with the 250. Any views on which might be better to try first ?

Your favorite source to preamp is where you want to start. I have HiLine on both my SuperLine/Supercap and my NDX2. I did buy Morgana DIN/XLR for my 300DR, but the HiLines made the bigger difference, IMO (OK, I only know that for the NDX2 because my Superline/Supercap had HiLine to start).


Do the DIN-XLR first.

I now have full superlumina set of cable. Recently (couple of days) changed the last stock cable (din to xlr) and was quite a big impact to my system. I didn’t expect that. I wonder if i changing it first and not last was such a radical change… Sound is expanded, detailed and dynamic but not enjoyable at first (bright and heavy). I have to wait a bit i suppose.

Thanks, pretty clear what to do

Really? After 3 replies with a 2 vs 1 split? If one more poster says source to pre you’re back to square one…

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I’m counting the four ‘Like this post’

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