Which is best?

As it is getting towards the time I will be cooking my evening meal, I was feeling peckish and by chance reading a thread about the “Olive” naim models and a question sprung into my mind.

Whilst having a pre-dinner drink and listening to some music on your naim system, whch is the best type of olive to nibble on?

Green or Black?

Pitted or with the stone?

Stuffed or unstuffed?

Which country of origin is best?

Does different music need a different type of olive to snack on?

p.s. please don’t post pictures of olives in dishes, we all know what they look like :wink: :smiley:

Nothing quite like those green ones, stuffed with chorizo … oh yeah! :yum:

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Green Queen olives stuffed with pickled garlic.

Mixed olives in oil with chillis and sun-dried tomatoes.


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Those big green olives grown in Deia in Majorca - heavenly!


Has to be green. A black olive would be so wrong in a gin martini.

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Green, pitted. No other adornments necessary.

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I like to have the stone in …
Big Spanish green olives, mixed olives from Provence, and Greek olives with feta cheese.

Green bitter ones, pitted or unpitted, it doesn’t matter.

If you’re having it with feta, halloumi, mozzarella or similar, I think it has to be those big ripe black ones.

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Do beef olives count?

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