Which Lyra Etna Lambda (standard or SL)

On the journey to replace an aging Transfiguration Orpheus L (low output version) in my LP12/ Naim Aro/ Urika 1 setup.
The Orpheus L worked well with Urika, and the Low Output version of the Lyra Etna Lambda has similar output specs.
I’ve seen positive reports online for the Low Output version when used with Urika 2 at dealer demo, but am not sure if performance would translate to Urika 1?
Anyone experienced Urika 1 & Lyra Lambda Etna SL combo, or is standard version better suited?

What’s the LOMC gain for the Urika 1? With the SL versions of the Lyra cartridges you want to make sure it’s high enough that you don’t get too much noise.

I use an Altas SL with a Naim Superline, which has 64db gain. This week I am home auditioning a Boulder 1108. It has 70db gain, although I believe that drops to 64db for single-ended connections (vs. using a balanced connection).

Also, to note: I am told the Lyra SL do not get along so well with tube phono stages, even when they have enough gain.

Thanks Josquin. It seems the Urika is not far behind at 62.5db gain.

  • Type: Internal Moving Coil Phono Stage
  • Input Impedance: 75 Ω in parallel with 10 nF
  • Input Level: 812 μV for +6 dBv output at 1 kHz
  • Gain: 62.5 dB at 1 kHz ±0.2 dB
  • RIAA Flatness: ±0.15 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Maximum Input (1% Distortion): 4.1 mV at 1 kHz
  • Maximum Output: 15 V peak to peak
  • Output Impedance: 300 Ω (RCA), 600 Ω (XLR)
  • Distortion (Bandwidth 10 Hz to 40 kHz):
    • 0.03% at 100 Hz
    • 0.05% at 1 kHz
    • 0.03% at 5 kHz
  • Power Consumption: 4 W
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