Which non-Naim speaker cables do you use with Naim amp?

In order to better understand the taste of Naim-users, this is just a simple survey of which non-Naim speaker cables are used with which Naim amplifiers and which speakers.

Thank you in advance for your participating,

Atlas Hyper 2.0 on a NAP250dr.
Atlas Equator 2.0 on a Uniti Qute 2.


Kudos KS-1 with NAP 500.


Witch Hat Phantom with a NAP 200 and Neat Motive SX1 speakers.


Chord Odyssey with Supernait & my own design/build 3 way speakers w. Scanspeak & Audax drivers.
My own measurements of Odyssey spec. 0.6uH/m 56pF/m

Witch Hat Phantom with a NAP180 and Allaes.

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WH phantom with 272/250dr and neat motive sx2


Cord Oydessey cable which I have used for 20 years on 200,300 & 300DR
speakers Spendor S6e and current B&W 805N

Moving after 5 year to Kudos T505 with New Kudos KS1 speaker cable in March with 300DR

Tellurium Q Black II - NAP300DR - Tannoy Eaton Legacy

Currently using 7m of Linn K20 on my NAP 300DR feeding ATC SCM 40 loudspeakers.

NAC A5 left in place unused, in case I ever move the speakers back onto the short wall in my room.

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True signal cables worked very well with my 300

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VdH the Clearwater

WH Phantoms from my SN3 into Vienna Acoustic, Bach speakers.


Mogami 2972 - greater instrumental texture and bass extension than the NACA5, rhythmically a bit less slam but a bit more bounce (with Shahinian Diapasons).

AUDIENCE 24 U SRX, Apertura speakers. 250 dr.

I’ve tried several Naim and non-Naim with Naim gear over the years. I started with a Nait XS but currently have a Supernait 2 - Neat sx5i combo. Naca4, Naca5, Kimber 4PR, Kimber 4tc, Linn K200 and Tellurium Silver II were all tried in different systems. In my current set up the Linn K200’s and Telluriums sounded best with the Silver II’s winning in the end. Some have reported the Silver II’s to be too revealing and bright but to my ears they’re brilliant. Keep in mind there are a lot of variables to consider in the decision in addition to the gear it’s connect to such as the room set up and most importantly personal preference. I’m over 50 and have the typical degradation of high frequencies in my hearing (made worse with a bit of hearing damage from playing drums in a rock band in the 80’s without adequate protection!) so that could explain why I like the Silver II’s so much.


WH phantom, supernait 3, dynaudio evoke 10


Chord signature with a 250


Tellurium Q Silver II