Which outer record sleeves?

Any recommendations for non-PVC and non-reselable outer record sleeves for both normal and gatefold records please? I’m aware of the Mo Fi Archival ones but is there anything cheaper that does the job?

Ive been quite happy with these.


Hi, I suggest you to check the Covers33 site, it’s about time I am using those for LPs, CDs, especially those for double LPs are worth. They have polytene sleeves as like as PVC.

I’ve been using No Flap Bags (NF) from ClearBags (also known as “Blake Sleeves”) for years now. Wish I’d discovered them before, as some of my older, cherished records are looking decidedly tired from having been slid in and out of my cramped shelves countless times. Not sure how they compare with others, cost-wise.

When storing records I store the record( inside their inner sleeves) and the record cover separately but inside the same plastic sleeve the same way some sellers send records through the post this means I never have to handle the sleeve at all. When storing records on the shelf I always make sure that that the cover is always on the right and never put the records in their inner sleeves next to one another. I’m a bit OCD about my records and never remove the shrink unless I have to even gatefolds stay in the shrink.
As for plastic sleeves any bog standard heavyweight non pvc.

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I recently went through the process of buying new sleeves and ordered samples from different companies, settling on the “Blake’s sleeve” as the best overall balance in terms of clarity, quality, fit, and weight.

The supplier was BagsXL / Packlinq based in The Netherlands. They have sized versions for single LP (snug fit), double and gatefold / heavy weight vinyl LP (generous fit). Both versions come available with and without dust flaps. They even have 7" versions for precious singles too. A delight to deal with, they sent out free samples via courier and each order arrived in just a day or so.

I ended up buying the following…

12 inch Outer Album sleeves (aka Blake sleeves) 32x32 cm. [BLP1NF]
12 inch Outer Album sleeves (aka Blake sleeves) 32x31.5 + 3.6 cm. [BLP1]
12" Outer Gatefold album sleeves (aka Blake sleeves) 32.7x31.6 + 3.9 cm. [BLPD]

Later on I’ll dig out my camera (phone playing up) and post a few snaps this afternoon :slight_smile:

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Found some snaps of my sleeves from a Pinkfish thread.

Here’s the BLP1 front and rear. Nice and tight on this Japanese original Gary Numan album and it really makes the colours of the sleeve ‘pop’, even on this fairly plain cover there is zero haziness like you get with the polythene sleeves…

This is the BLPD. More room at the top of the sleeve, this gatefold just fits into the BLP1 (very tightly), but in the BLPD as in the photo, it fits perfectly…

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I assume the BLP1NF and BLPDNF are the flap less versions?

I tend to prefer the flapless versions so that I can line the opening on the record sleeve with the opening of the protector. That way I dont have to get the sleeve out of the protector everytime I want to get the record out.

I been using the Sleeve City 5mil outer sleeves for years. They work great. About $22 for a pack of 50. My collection is worth it.


Yes that’s correct. The NF is their acronym for no flap. The flaps only attach via a very light tack adhesive and I found they open and reseal a lot easier than expected, and actually prefer them to no flap versions now. I’d drop them an email and ask for a few samples just to try.


I also ordered samples from Sleeve City, and their “Ultimate Outer 5.0” were by far the very best quality of the all the ones I tried, but their postage rates to the UK made it non viable. Disappoint, as they could not get the postage any cheaper.


@YetiZone You were very right, immediate response and awaiting the samples to arrive :+1::+1:

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