Which portable radio?

I am looking to replace a portable radio (Tivoli Pal) that has done sterling service for over 15 years. I could go for the current Tivoli model (Pal BT) which has DAB and Bluetooth, neither of which are present in the old model. I already have a Ruark R1 with a battery pack which sounds good and is well made. Another of those is one option. However, I would appreciate any recommendations from forum members on other possibilities. The radio will be used mainly on BBC Radio 4, and occasionally on Radio 2 and 3.

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I love my tiny Muzen OTR Wood FM BT radio. I have a variety of older non-BT Tivolis, but prefer the Muzen on my nightstand.

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We have an original Model 1, with the wooden case. It’s sounds a lot better than the Pal and better than the R1. Stuff a rolled up bandage in the port and you are good to go.

Here in the states, I became somewhat hooked on older vintage radios. I have Zenith transoceanic 7000 that while technically a portable is built for weightlifters to enjoy. The sound is far superior to any current portable - unfortunately finding vintage in good working order is difficult, but if you hunt for someone who specialises in restorations, it might be something to consider.

I use a Ruark R1 (mk2) on bedside table and it makes the most delightful sound. Waking up to R3 as the alarm is brilliant.
In the kitchen I use a Revo Superconnect which is probably the best radio I have ever had. It uses a balanced mode radiator for the speaker and is capable of generating excellent room filling sound without distortion. Also has internet radio so you can run BBC HD radio stations. Plus it looks great

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PORTABLE radio guys! I assume that means battery powered.

Recently bought one of these for the bathroom - Sony XDRV20DH. Not the last work but the sound is good for the cost and the rechargeable battery lasts.

Check out the Roberts iStream 3 radio. V well featured in terms of connectivity options and also sounds great. Looks beautiful too. I have the pale blue version.

Thanks for the suggestion. (Even) the current model looks very nice, but it seems to lack DAB. When FM is switched off in the UK it will inevitably lose some of its functionality.

Yes portable equals battery powered in the UK, or at least the option of an add-on battery pack as well as mains power - like the Ruark R1.

I already have a Ruark R1 in one room and a Revo Superconnect in the kitchen - both sound and look good (great minds think alike). I haven’t ruled out another R1, but am keen to explore other options like Tivoli and Roberts.

I was responding to those who had suggested mains only options above me.

In my bathroom I have a tiny Sony XDR - P1DBP. It has v little bass but otherwise the sq, particularly speech, is fantastic for such a small thing. It has internal lithium battery and one charge gives 15-20 hrs so it is truly portable. People also use them to listen to the commentary while they are sat watching live cricket!

Ok thanks, sorry, my mistake

Muzen has a battery and charges by USB.

Just to define “portable” from the distant past - The Zenith 7000 is approximately 20+ lbs. and to make it portable requires either 8 or 9 “D” batteries. The ninth being a separate single battery that operates the light-up dial (bulb).

I don’t think Muzen is available in the UK? In any case I don’t think it includes DAB, which is widely becoming the de facto standard in the UK. While I have no doubt FM sound quality is great I wouldn’t buy a radio without DAB today. Further, I think FM broadcasting in the UK is soon to be discontinued, permanently.

Hi, @AndrewG. No DAB on my Muzen. Not sure what is available in other areas. Nick

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