Which Speakers Cable?

Hi, I need advice.
I have a Hi-Fi system as follows:
Naim CDI
Naim Nac 72
Naim Hicap
Naim Nap 250
Kef Reference Series Model 107/2
Speakers Cable that years ago sold me as fake Naim cables but that Naim are not.
Now I would like to replace the cables. Can anyone give me some advice?
Thank you

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You’ll hear that NACA5, Superlumina and Chord are highly recommended but the former is difficult to manage due to extreme stiffness and the latter two can be costly. I opted for cables from the UK company, WitchHat. Less expensive, easy to manage, compatible with Naim electrical requirements and I certainly cannot complain about performance.


Thank you very much for you advice.


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Experimenting again, I have just swapped from TQ Black to Van Damme UP-LCOFC 4mm shotgun.
Have to say, I’m liking what I hear. It’s only been in for a week or so but it sounds great in my modest setup. Aaannndddd… it’s bendy. That’s gotta be worth something. :joy:

Changed from Naca5 to chord and now use Mark Grant van damme 6mm2 shot gun cables. Very happy and sounds great :+1:

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Hi David, what do you advice of Chord Cable?


Sorry, can’t answer that one. There are many fans of Chord cables here who can make a suggestion for you.

As posted by DavidParis WitchHat cables are great VFM. I use WitchHat Phantom cables with 200/202. Much easier to manage that NACA5 and, to my ears, more refined/more resolving than NACA5 while also avoiding the bass bloom I find NACA5 to have (which works fine in larger rooms, less so in smaller rooms).


Love my Chord Epic cables!


With the olive 250 you’ll be hard pressed to beat NacA5. That might be boring but it’s good cable.

Can I know how your hi/fi system is composed?

272/250DR and Harbeth SHL5 Plus.

Great system

I used Witchat N2 with a CDI,82,Sepercap and a 250 all olive with good results excellent value for money and easy to use.


Try the new Kudos KS-1…its a very good cable.


You may try the Chord Epic. It is a refined sounding cable and will be suitable if you prefer a full velvety midrange, sweet airy treble and deep bass. The bass goes deeper with more punch and texture than the NACA5. Another plus point of the Epic is it can form a bend or small circles rather easily when compared to the NACA5.

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Just out of curiousity, does refined mean it looses the naca 5 ”snappieness”? I.e. The fast and resolute leading edges and dynamism.

Don´t actually know that those traits are naca 5 though. Might just as well be rest of system and system synergy. Never tried other speaker cables.

Could you, please, elaborate Gazza? Specifically compared to naca 5.

Hi Slamdam, sweet system you´ve achieved so far. As you might have seen I got the NDS. It´s amazing but at a price of course. How would you describe those Van Dammes to naca 5? Are they available here in the North?

Its more detailed with a more forward mid and high range, but still has the Prat of NACA5. It sells for £30 a metre, much thinner and more flexible than NACA5. In my room which is heavy curtains, carpets etc…its the only cable thats worked better than NACA5. I have tried Tellurium Q, True Signal and Super lumina…just did not work for me.

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