Which speakers interface well with Naim?

Ciao, I’d like to hear from you all, with experiences, which speakers interface well with Naim?
Tks Gustavo

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Hi Gustavo

Welcome. Please may I suggest you have a type in the search as this is a question that comes up on a near daily basis.





I’d start with the proviso that the most important thing to get right is the speaker/room matching. As long as the amp has enough power to drive the speaker, amp/speaker matching is secondary to the above.
That said, speakers I have particularly enjoyed with Naim electronics include Kudos (X2, Titan) Dynaudio (Emit, Contour) ATC (SCM19) and Shahinian (Arc2).
I’d also give a special mention to the long discontinued Royd brand.


The list of speakers that don’t work well with Naim might be shorter.

Excellent current delivery and transient power means Naim amps work with a much broader range of speakers than most brands. As long as you don’t choose too much speaker for the amp, you can pair Naim with nearly anything. Whether you like the result or not is another matter. If you want to play it safe and select from what others are using here the list would be something like this:

Sonus Faber
Q Acoustics
Wilson Audio

Users of the above have all reported excellent results.


Add Totem to that list


I can confirm that Monitor Audio SE20 25th Anniversary minitowers work exceptionally well with both a 5italic & an XS.

Second that Totem match well with Naim :sunglasses:


Yes let’s not forget Totems and Monitor Audio.

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From personal experience, I would second/add:
Totem Acoustic (Model One Signature)
Vienna Acoustics (Haydn)
B&W (Nautilus 805)
Naim (Allae)
KEF (1990’s intro-grade Q50)
Acoustic Research (vintage 1960’s)
JBL (vintage 1970’s Athena 99)




I could suggest you tell us more about which music you like. , do you favour stand mounts over floor standers and which Naim equipment you’ll likely be matching then with

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thanks for your answers, I was asking you this for my personal curiosity because also having a pretty good 7x12 and acoustically treated salon when I had full nelson pass class A and Jeff Rowland and magellan sw2 Triangle concert speakers, now for about 6 months I have a full Naim 252 / scdr / 300dr with Tannoy Canterbury speakers everything I like sound control and naturalness of the sound but I exploit the naim 10% as the Canterburys are 96 db of efficiency and at minimum volume the sound is already nice dynamic and full then I was wondering does it exist a speaker that can replace the Canterburys I love so much with a 38 woofer?

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Naim DBL’s are the biggest speaker that I’ve seen on these pages that work with Naim and perhaps PMC Fact 12.

Very high sensitivity speakers probably aren’t your best natural Naim partner.

I forgot to add Harbeth to the list but suspect they might be a logical choice if you like the sound of the Tannoys. And Harbeth and Naim is a classic combination.

In terms of another single driver speaaker similar to Tannoys, I think most are highly sensitive designs with low power or tube amps in mind. I have a pair of similar Omega Junior 8 XRS (97db) but I don’t pair them with my Naim system. They are more at home on my 10w tube amp.


Graham 5/5 or Harbert Monitor 40.3 XD

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Hello Gustavo,
Before recommending different speaker brands, for your excellent system, you should check the room data-
Width, length, height, seating distance from the speaker.
Is there any acoustic treatment in the space?
Is such a treatment planned in the future?
Preference - stand mount or floor stander?
Then the picture will be clearer.
Good luck.

I have no idea on this, but are Rega speakers a good match with Naim amps? Just wondering why it does not seem to be “popular” considering that their tables are widely used.

that is the last problem the environment 70% hi-fi 30% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

In my experience Rega speakers simply aren’t that good no matter what you use to drive them. Much better alternatives for the money

Hi Gustavo,
Your 252 and nap300 is a great combo and by all accounts able to be very revealing of sources and speakers. I heard this combo into focal micro utopias back in 2005. My demo included nils lofgren and Nora Jones and the sound was fantastic. Acoustic guitar had fantastic speed of attack and nils skill set made you sit up like you were in the front row of his live performance. With nora you could hear her breath and the bass and Drummers snare sounded real with no hint cardboard boxiness or tizz. I still have the focals and love the sound with my supernait 3 and nd5 xs2.

My son has a unitilite with focal Electra 2027 be’s the Electra’s are easy to drive and the combination is great for 1960’s pop (monkeys Beatles beach boys) with get up and dance type rhythm. With Elton John singing your song the richness of his high baratone was breathtaking for us during a recent test in a new install in my sons new apartment in Amsterdam.

Away from focal I recently heard a nova in to Graham LS5/9 and was very very impressed by how they both filled the room with bass while still presenting higher frequency’s with similar clarity to the focals that I am used to.

A week later I demoed at short notice a ndx2 and sn3 into some Elac floor standers. A good looking speaker and not cheap but in sound terms, despite being fed by a more capable source and amp, the combination lacked the hi and low detail and overall simple enjoyment of the Graham’s.

If I were buying new I would certainly want a good long listen to the Graham’s. Though I would also want to try focals Scala utopias.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the scala’s?

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