Which Stageline for Linn Adikt

I was thinking of a turntable for my second system. Would love another LP12 but not sure I can justify it. I was thinking a Rega P6 or P8. I have a Linn Adikt cartridge still in great shape I could use. Also have a CB Hicap so was thinking of a stageline to pair with it. I see N Stageline in MM on the used market, all the others are MC. Would an N work with the Adikt? Any thoughts on it with a Rega P6 or P8?



Yes, N.


N is the one you want here.

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Check out Lejonklou Slipsik too. Specifically made against Adikt. I very much enjoyed it when I had one.


Thanks! What do you think about that cartridge on a rega p6 or p8?

I expect the Adikt is taller than the standard Rega cartridge height. If so, then you will perhaps need a shim at the Rega arm base end, to maintain the correct VTA.

You will need your dealer’s advice, or that of others here. To the best of my knowledge, Rega don’t recommend shims, saying they prefer the mechanical integrity of their arms not to be compromised. Advice needed, as I said.

Second this. I have the Slipsik 7 with an Adikt - good combination. I will caveat that I’ve not heard any Stageline though to compare.

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I have used a Stageline N and Slipsik 7.1 with an AT VM760SLC cartridge. I kept the Slipsik and sold the Stageline (not surprising, given the difference in price although it may also have been that the Stageline was not a good match for the AT). However, I used a Stageline K for many years with some expensive MC cartridges and never felt the need to upgrade.

Since you already have it, it’s great for the price.

I “justified” another LP12. Sitting in my second system nicely! Not as tricked out as my main system LP12 but it sounded mighty fine last night on the first listen. Have the Adikt cartridge on it with a Stageline N powered by a CB Hicap. The Hicap could probably use a service but for now, it’s fantastic! Thanks again for the input everyone!

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