Which Stageline for Ortofon MC15 Super II?

I have a Rega Planar 3 (2006) with an Ortofon MC15 Super II fitted. I was looking to add a Naim Stageline to my setup. Could anyone possibly advise which version of Stageline I should go for as there are different Input Sensitivity versions: K & S 100μV, E 400μV, N 2mV

I’d probably go for an S. Out of interest, how old is the MC15 Super II here??


Thanks. Any chance the 340uV or so output level would ever saturate the 100uV input level of the S?
I’m guessing the cartridge has approx 1000 hours on it, not that you can tell it does sound really very good still.

There appear to be two versions of the Stageline S out there in the wild
One has a single 5-pin DIN socket (ch1, ch2 out & -ve + 2 x +Vin)
The other has two DIN sockets - one 4-pin (looks like ch1, ch2 out & -ve) and a 5-pin DIN (signal + power)
Why two different versions and what are the differences?

Nope, the output level is pretty much spot on for an S.

Later Stagelines added an extra DIN socket (DIN4) so they could be powered by the basic i-Supply, which didn’t offer any signal output.

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Is this another different version then?

That’s the later version with the extra DIN (DIN4).

Note that BNCs could be specified as an option in place of the RCA Phono sockets. I have an early version Stageline K so specified.

Great I’ve pulled the trigger on a S with single DIN on eBay :+1:

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I used a Lyra Argo/Argo i, 450uV output, for almost 20 years with my Stageline K (same input sensitivity as the S) and never heard any evidence of overload, even with some notoriously “hot” pressings.

Please send a pic when you get it! Thanks.

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