Which static tool?

Hi Guys,

Having just taken delivery of my new RP3 it’s become obvious I need some sort of tool to reduce static on my records especially the new ones I’ve just bought.

I’m thinking of buying a Milty Static gun which gets some good reviews but does anyone use this on their records? Is there anything else out there which doesn’t cost a fortune ?

As usual, I’d be grateful for any tips received…

I have a zerostat which I think works reasonably well but tbh the best way I’ve found is by cleaning. I know what you mean about new records, I had one recently which really didn’t want to be separated from its sleeve. I had to shoot it a lot with the gun!

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Hi Robert_h, Thanks for your reply, what do you use, apart from the ‘gun’.


Zerostat 3 - with “ion-indicator”; very Buck Rogers!

Bib Dust-off velvet brush, for before playing, and occasionally a Bib Groove-Kleen, which is like a Dust Bug but shinier - the silver one with roller and brush.

Amazingly, they do seem to work.

Also got an Audio Technica vibrator for the stylus.

Proper cleaning and good quality anti stat sleeves is probably your best long term solution.
I use a Milty Antistat zapper + Pro-Ject carbon brush + Onzow stylus cleaner.
I also swapped out the Rega stock mat and instead use a Funk Firm Achromat. This is fixed to the platter with double sided stickers and is a solid surface that I also find easier to wipe off than a felt mat.
I’ve had no issues using it personally but there will be a school of thought that Rega knows what’s best and to stick with it!

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Ah should have mentioned:
Disco antistat for cleaning
Then all records get put into new inner sleeves if needed, I prefer the paper ones which are lined with anti static material.
Once this is done they don’t seem to need any zapping.

Yup, wet cleaning is the best way to get rid of static on LPs. I have had a number of Zerostats over the years and, while they looked rather cool, they never seem to work as expected.

How long do they stay non-static until you have to repeat the cleaning?

Once cleaned and inside an anti-static inner sleeve they should remain free of static.

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RCM will kill static at source & anti static inners like Mofi or Nagoaka
if you are using a brush anti-static ones are best thunderon & natural goats hair
felt mats are terrible for static , anti static felt/carbon low static mat or funk firm mat

I never had much luck with the Zerostat…
Furutech Destat 2 is what I use regularly with excellent results. There is a new gen 3 which looks to be a bit more ergonomic. Costs a bit up front but well worth it imo…

I meant to say, I bought a Disco Antistat Mk1, a few days ago and washed a few old LP’s which haven’t been played for decades and I have to say the Disco does a good job, but after one record had dried out for around 30mins, I played it to the end of side one and there was dust on the stylus. I think what’s happening is maybe the stylus is acting as a digging tool and loosening dirt from the grooves?

I played the same side again after another wash and there was definitely less dirt on the stylus this time around so it’s going to be a patient arduous process me thinks. I know there must be lots of members On here who have done this over many years but I don’t mind and it’s great to get otherwise condemned vinyl playing again.

Finally, I had to send a new Queen LP (which I wet cleaned) back due to unacceptable background noises on certain tracks, but I just hope i can get a better copy from somewhere rather than Amazon.

My experience as well. I wet clean which is effective in removing static.

The Nagaoka sleeves I’ve been looking at look like copies ie 102 sleeves Nagaoka ‘style’ so am I being a bit naive or is that the style Nagaoka used to make them ?

most are chinese copies of Nagoaka & not the original made in japan ones
used 102 sleeves for decades after cleaning & matching anti static outer 108/3 sleeves
crystal clear archival & PAT tested

Disco Antistat buy a extra one
" belt & braces "
1 x wash with fluid & 1 x rinse with distilled water L Art du son works well & non alcohol kind to records
but still gives a deep clean to records 2 step cleaning removes traces of residue

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Wet clean and vac (Project VCS 2) and then straight into a fresh Nagaoka sleeve here. No static issues.

I haven’t been rinsing my records up and till now but I will be doing that very soon I reckon. I do very lightly soak the remaining fluid from the disc with a microfibre cloth. Not too sure if that’s totally c’correct’ but it does speed speed the drying process up a bit. Comments welcome of course.

I’ll have to get another Disco which are around GBP19, and today I’ve ordered some stylus cleaner, Project cleaning brush and a little tracking force device.

I have a zerostat 3 and feel it does do something to help but results are a bit hit ‘n’ miss, I recently purchased an Okki Nokki RCM and this removes all static quickly and easily. I’ve started giving new vinyl a clean and dry to ensure there is no static, then straight in to new inner sleeves I’m using Spincare Audiophile but I’ve not tried any others to compare.

This is a bit left-field but, in theory, lightly pressing an earthed piece of metal (say, a piece of Aluminium cooking foil) to a record should instantly discharge any surface electrostatic buildup. I’m not saying it would be the best way, but has this ever been tried, either as a commercial product or just by anyone at home? I suppose putting another solid object in contact with vinyl would run the risk of scratches so it might not be popular, hence the suggestion of a flimsy piece of foil.

I’m not a vinyl user, but I’ve been doing something similar to stop the coffee from my grinder misbehaving as I try to get it from the grinder hopper to the coffee maker. My earthed piece of foil has been doing a great job and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work - as I say, in theory - for vinyl.