Which turntable should get a chance?

My system now comprises of NDS/555PS DR, NAC82/Hicap recently serviced, NAP250DR, Spendor D9 and a Rega P2 2018. I now wish to venture deeper in to the analogue domain by getting a better turntable. For Reference I absolutely love the music coming out of the NDS. I tried to downsize it but that didn’t work.

So which turntables do you recommended me trying? I intend to use the inbuilt riaa in the NAC. My dealer carries Gold Note, Rega, Technics and Macintosh. Another store carries Avid and the Third one Project, at least a few models. Budget around 2500£.

There are of course online stores too, but it seems ridiculously difficult to try hifi that way

I’m sure many will say Rega P6 or P8 , I think Avid may be only the budget/entry level - my personal choice would be Clearaudio Concept (if available ) as an alternative to Rega

Pro-ject don’t get the vibes they deserve on this forum, but I suspect it’s because Rega is a brand known to many of us .

It sounds as if you have a lovely system

Best wishes

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Maybe a new Thorens 1600 - I like the look and the Thorens I heard in the past were quite pleasing.

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That’ll be the £2,500 mentioned in para 2.

I have a Rega P8 with Ortofon 2M Black, which comes in at £2,200 or thereabouts. It sounds great and to me looks infinitely nicer than the Thorens, which looks dreadful.

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Oops, I’ll put me specs on😁

The Rega is a great choice, add the entry level Vertere and I also love Avid.

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I went for the P8 with a Hana SL cart and a Goldnote phono stage and rather like it. I haven’t tried the P8/Hana on the 82 mc phono cards though.

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I have the mm-boards

Rega P8, specially as regards your budget.

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Not many mentions of it in this forum, but I’m a fan of the Michell Gyrodec (with modified Rega RB330 arm). Well worth a listen if stocked by any of your local dealers, but just a little outside your preferred budget at around £2,600 without cartridge.

The Gyrodec SE (without the plinth) comes in at £2100 so just about within your budget depending upon your cartridge choice.


I am just about to try a Hana EH on my 82 with MM boards. I will post on how I get on with them.

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It all depends on what you want from it now and going forward
I stated with the rega stuff, rp6, p8 and p10, but wanted more, wanted to be able to adjust and fiddle with it all, wanted to try different cartridges that are heavy and large, etc.
So if you want a good plug and play turntable and happy to live with its sound going forward, then a rega p8 with apheta 3 cartridge is the sweat spot in the range, I would say.
If you want to be able to swap things etc and fine tune / fiddle, then a lp12, gyro, etc is what I would go for in the same price band, ish depending on spec.
Or go big,lots to choose from

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Technics SL1200.
No contest at that price point.
Leaving you enough ££ for phono stage and cart.


That’s interesting because my dealer suggested that one when we discussed at a lower pricepoint. I think it was around 1450£.

Or maybe it was the 1210? Rather confusing.

When you say go big. What is the meaningful next step so to speak? Is it double the money or something else?

The only difference between the 1200 and 1210 is the colour.
The 1200 is silver the 1210 is black.

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Thank you all so far for your advice. Gold Note seems to be stone cold here on Naim forum. Anyone tried their decks? I figure the Pianosa is within reach.

I tried the middle one, just before the Mediterraneo. Very nicely built.
But a bit on the romantic side for the sound.
As someone posted, the Technics 1200 GR should be on top list too. And P8 of course.

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