Which UK mobile network is best?

My family all use PlusNet Mobile - but I have just discovered that it is being closed down.

Apparently we will lose our numbers if we do not move before it closes - but no final switch-off date has been given.

PlusNet are offering worse deals to move to EE (i.e. the same network).

What other mobile deals have good coverage, a reliable service, and trustworthy service and billing for 5 people?

I cannot comment about the 5 people, but I use Giffgaff (which uses the O2 network) - and am happy with it… :thinking:


Tesco runs on the O2 network. Generous allowances and there are family perks where you get extra data etc. My wife and daughter have been with them for years and I’ve just switched our business mobile to them this week.

We’ve found the staff very helpful too, and you can go in and setup your account in stores that have the separate outlet within the shop.

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+1 for GiffGaff


We have Giffgaff and are very happy with them. There are no family plans if that’s important. One big plus is the ability to change package each month. I normally pay £6 and get unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data, which is more than enough when I’m at home. But when we go away I up the plan to £10 for the month, which gives 20GB. Within that 20GB is 5GB of roaming, which I understand not all providers include.


The Tesco Family Pack is no good for us:

“It’s £30 a month for you, then just £10 a month each for up to 4 family members.”

Asda. £5 unlimited calls and texts. 2gig.

Only downside is I’m charge if I add photos to texts. Although I don’t do that very often.

Tesco is £11 a month for 30GB (and for 12GB too).

Having seen the deals, I think we had better stay with Plusnet until close to the switch off date.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just get a SIM for my son who’s getting his first phone now, but Plusnet are closed to new customers, so I’ll probably go with Tesco as they have the best satisfaction stats on Ofcom.

Then the rest of us can join him on Tesco when Plusnet Mobile closes down.

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I think it really depends on where you live and what the coverage is like. A great bargain deal is not fit for purpose if you can’t get a signal. If the EE network gives you the coverage you want, then I would stick with that even if it costs a bit more.


Seems like a reasonable plan… Tesco Mobile is on O2’s net, I believe - as is GiffGaff.

Well, the Ofcom site says that my house and a couple of other postcodes in my town have full coverage.

And also when at home our phones presumable all go via broadband (wifi).

For me, it was more about coverage when I was out and about. I was about to change my network after moving due to poor coverage in a few places I regularly visited for walks, then Virgin changed network carrier to O2 and I get great coverage.

Bear in mind that free EU roaming with Tesco stops at the end of 2023.

Is it expensive to do EU roaming?

We haven’t been abroad for a couple of years and last time it didn’t make a noticeable difference on Plusnet.

GiffGaff and Tesco both use the O2 network.

They have 99% UK coverage and very good coverage in my entire town, according to the Tesco site.

Yes, maybe GiffGaff is a better deal at the moment.

Can change the plan any time; good deals; roaming.

I will get my son a GG SIM, and compare them again with Tesco when the rest of us are forced by Plusnet to move.

Thanks to all for helping me work this out.

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It feels like Plusnet is on the way out which is a pity. They are scrapping their Business Broadband so we had to move off when we were more than happy with their service.

Part of BT now so the bigger brand is trying to absorb the business gradually.

Yes, and rebrand the whole of BT to EE it seems.