Which USB External Backup Drive To Use With a Melco Server

I was using a QNAP NAS to back up the music files on my old UnitiServe but I have now switched to a Melco N1Zs MkII 2Tb (SSD) server.

I have been advised that the best way to back up the files on the Melco is to plug in an external USB drive. It was suggested to stick with either a Western Digital or a Segate USB drive and I want a 2Tb version. But there are dozens of models so some guidance from the forum would be welcome.

Any ideas?

I use a La Cie……a division of Seagate.

I dont know if it is any use but I have a Seagate USB unit with a 6TB 2.5 HDD that powers down when not in use. I started out disconnecting it when not used but now leave it always connected to my N1ZH/2 and I dont hear any diff.

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Hi Nigel, howzit cuttin’ these days?

I use WD ‘My Passport’
Choice of sizes, 2TB is aprx £70 from Amazon

It’s the original unit I bought when I started streaming in 2014, it gets plugged on a regular basis, at least once a month when I do all other backups & banking, more often if I have new albums.
It takes just a few minutes on the Synology backup prog.

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Thanks for the replies chaps.

Which models are you using?

I am also wondering if I should go for a SSD or HDD model.

La Cie STHG5000400 its a 5 tb hdd in an aluminium case…….not cheap, but very rugged. They do smaller capacities.

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If you have not done it yet, it is worth putting your Qobuz details like username and password, the Melco will automatically scan your account and download purchases. Just gone over to Qobuz sublime to get the high res discount👍

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Been doing that since it first came available on the melco, and it works faultlessly, plus no messing about at all

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I’m planning to back up using a hdd when I get my server set up as according to others a hdd shows signs its going to fail usually before dying and the info is normally recoverable apparently this is less likely to be true of an ssd.

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If ok with the slightly extra budget, have you considered the Melco E100 HDD? It has the same “Highly Stable Storage System (HS-S2) as seen in the N1ZS”, and sounds really good too, even on its own directly connected to your streamer.

Can you explain exactly how I do this - Melco numpty alert!

Ah……do you know if your Melco has the EX software which allows this……it came as standard or machines could be upgraded to allow it? Best ask supplier if you do not know.
Use the buttons on the front panel, select settings, then downloader, add/edit account……select Qobuz. You then have a rather tedious procedure/display and buttons to add your username and then password. If you get stuck……wait til Signals we can do it there.

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Yes, it was upgraded with the EX software.

I’ll give it a go.

Now what the heck is my Qobuz username and password!

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Putting the email and password is a pain, but once in anything you purchase on qobuz will download directly to the melco.


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