Which whisky are you drinking and why someone else might enjoy it?

My goddaughter was visiting over Easter, when she was last here she professed a liking for cider. Now, some years later, she has admitted to liking whisky and on a recent trip to Edinburgh for a conference she enjoyed a tutored whisky tour. Late at night chewing the cud (she is a post-doc agricultural researcher on secondment in Ireland from Melbourne she developed a taste for image

On her next visit this will be the place to go:


Arran 14 year old malt.

One of my favourite malts, this has dried fruits, vanilla, toffee and hazelnuts, ending with cinnamon spices.

Just yummy, and widely available. :tada:


Lovely malt the Arran, I always have a few on the go in various state of emptyness, just now, Ardbeg 10yr old, Scapa Flow, Bunnahabhain 12yr old and today picked up a bottle of Allt-A-Bhainne, never tried it before.

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English whisky? English whisky?!! What devilry is this?

Here’s my go-to, when I can afford it:


I do like to drop of Jamesons, i’m not really that fussy, and I find it quite smooth.


At the moment I am enjoying

Highland Park 18 YO and

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:


Great chaser …

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Why not sign her up to be a “Friend of Laphroaig”.As well as getting her own plot of land at the distillery she would get the chance to purchase new releases that are available only to "friends"These whiskies are much sort after.

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Excellent idea … had been thinking about this when i bought the bottle last year but it had slipped my mind.

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All these fancy malts. Pah, you just need a common or garden GlenLivet - 18 year old of course. Sheer smooth bliss.

Or if you want to cross the water, this bargain is surprisingly lovely (yes, it’s a bl@@dy blended :laughing:).


Nothing common or garden, strange term when you type it, about the Glenlivet 18 year old, superb malt.

A bit tongue in cheek :sunglasses: I mean it’s a more common malt in the shops than some of the more ‘exotic’ ones :smile:
And yes, it’s fab :grinning:

My current favourite is the Glendronach 18 yo Allerdice. Matured in sherry casks, so has a Christmas cake vibe.

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I am a very regular buyer of whisky. The (very good) whisky specialist in my town sells me a bottle almost every year, and occasionally two!:grinning:

I do enjoy a glass of good malt when I indulge at home and am keen on the lighter, less peaty varieties. Current favourites is

Not a brand I was very familiar with but it is a lovely rounded and quite floral malt.

Clynelish 14yo another I have in the cupboard that is really interesting.




@Wugged_Woy thumbs up for Black Bush

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I’m currently enjoying Jura The Road special edition, birthday gift from my work colleagues. Very very nice indeed.

As an everyday tipple I think The MacAllan is great or Ardmore and neither are expensive.


OK, if we’re talking cooking malts, this is my everyday dram.

Pronunciation help: As in “orange” :wink:


And for blended, it’s Scotland’s favourite (still independent, last time I checked).


Also known as “a wee low flyer.”


I’d not touched Whisky until a couple of years ago and then by chance tried Laphroaig and rather liked it. My other half ordered the wrong bottle for my Birthday but it was a lucky mistake and i’m really enjoying this one at the moment…