Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

I gave a family lunch yesterday, which was also a celebration of the engagement of one of my nieces to her long-term boyfriend. I opened a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose that I had been saving for just such an occasion. It’s a favourite of mine, and I managed a small glass, but as I was the cook, not much more than that. I note that there is a little left in the bottle which I’ll finish tonight…

(picture courtesy of Aitken wines).


I always find that a decent glass of something improves my cooking!


Meerlust Rubicon is one of my favourite wines.

Much enjoyed on my birthday

I wasn’t sure of how long it would last but guessed at twelve years old it should be more than drinkable


Well Richard I’ve never had that one until 2 weeks ago - it was in a local bottle shop so I grabbed it ( my wallet said no !! ) and it was one of my best friends birthday

Like you I managed to consume less than half a glass but it was rather excellent if I may say

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“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.”

W. C. Fields


It’s definitely a banker when it comes to pairing with red meat and exceptionally good value for the quality. One chap who tasted the 05 on Wednesday thought it needed 5-10 more years in cellar! A tip for those that like Stellenbosch BDX blends and want an earlier drinking Meerlust; if they deem the blend from a particular vintage not to be up to the estate standard they declassify and release it as Meerlust Red for maybe half the price. It tends to evolve quicker and is exceptionally good value.


Thank you

That is worth knowing

best wishes


A pair of bottles of the Hortevie 2009 St Julien that we had with roast shoulder of lamb for lunch. Such a good wine and drinking beautifully at present


For lunch I opened a couple of bottles of 2012 Tour Haut Caussan. The last bottle I had a year or two ago was rather tough snd closed, but has now really come on and was drinking really well today.


Last night’s wine. The Pascal Doquet champagne is good value. Kusuda was served before dinner and the Figeac and Baron with the meal. Jury was split but I preferred the Baron (2005).


A couple of bottles had with the family Sunday. :+1:


Which version of Louis Roederer Collection was that? I think I have a couple of 243 that I have high hopes for.

Had a bottle last weekend, drinking very well.

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Yeah was 243, 244 now out.

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Couldn’t resist this today as reduced and quite good value.


I had that with a lobster in Harrods last year, great combo.


I am very partial to Margaret River Chardonnays since my Australian trip and this was another great wine. I am tempted to repeat the experience as we are here for a few days


Lunch time tipple to accompany land-based farm salmon (poached in wine / water with carrots and shallots, plus potatoes - alouette, I believe. The wine is still acidic with a slightly sour taste - best left for another couple of years.

I’ll have another taste tomorrow with some smoked eel. Well, an excellent match; the eel had had a touch too much smoke for my taste, but its oilyness was matched by the Riesling. A great pleasure.

I prefer the Severn & Wye eels, but Smith’s are a close second.


I’ve been teaching people how to identify wines in a blind tasting.

They liked this (sparkling):

So they asked me to do similar with Fortified

a) it’s, er, a bit more complicated
b) they might regret asking…

Best wines in the world though, so worth fighting your way through the minefield…


We enjoyed this very smooth bottle with our dinner in Vézelay .