Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

To celebrate Mrs HH’s return from hospital I made a nice meal and bought this Sancerre from Waitrose. It’s biodynamic, partly matured in oak, and is absolutely delicious. While she was in hospital they asked about our wine intake and we will be cutting back. It’s now going to be four wine free nights a week. It was something we’ve been trying to do, but we’ve had a good kick to actually do it.


My wife and I don’t drink on
Monday to Thursday and we sleep much better on those nights. Also means we can buy better wine for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!


Really like these. Shall print and ponder. I agree the sparkling is a smaller minefield. Aldo agree that both sparkling and fortified are worthy of extended study.

The mystery that is red Burgundy. A relatively lowly village wine that knocks it out of the park. Some serendipity in the cellar and this bottle just sings. And if we had opened a Grand Cru would we have enjoyed it any more?


Hope Mrs HH continues to recover well. All the best to both of you.

I know it’s the bottom of the rung, but I still enjoy any wine from one of my favourite producers.
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet '22.


Nothing bottom rung about any Penfolds red, imo one of the best wines makers in Australia.


You are of course correct Pete :+1:

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Totally agree. We picked up a bottle of Penfolds Max Cabernet last night. Highly delicious stuff.

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Sometimes even I can’t quite believe my life.

A meal cooked by a team with a constellation of Michelin Stars between them.
Wines to match.

50th anniversary dinner of the JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe)

Worth the late night!


So pleased that your good lady has been released from hospital.

Best wishes



Oh Rod I still can’t work if you cheer me up or make me feel more depressed. :rofl::rofl:


Makes me bitter ha :rage:

Barolo v Burgundy with Italian and French friends as we ended our Easter vacation clearing the fridge of leftovers and diving into the cellar (again). The Barolo’s took each round. The old vine Roagna and Conterno Ginestra Riserva were so good/balanced. The ‘04 Louis Remy is showing its age. It was a bit of an unfair fight given what I chose but enjoyable.


Singing for my (previous) supper with some lovely masterclasses today.

Antinori Tignanello 2018 - 2013 - 1999

La Rioja Alta ‘904’ 2015 - 2005 - 1997

Clos Apalta Petit Clos 2020, Clos Apalta 2020 - 2014

Such a pleasure to see my friend Renzo Cotarella again (not since the ‘beforetimes’)


Friends for dinner on Saturday and I cooked rare roast beef with a roasted new potato and wilted wild garlic salad. Served 2 bottles of this Chateau Le Boscq 2009 St Estephe with it - a match made in heaven. These Cru Bourgeois wines are such good quality for the money


They all look very nice, but I’m a big fan of well-aged Barolos. As I said in an earlier post, I’m going to start buying them at 10 or 12 years old at auctions, so I don’t have to wait so bloody long.:slightly_smiling_face:
Very nice line up.


Rather good tasting of Sicilian and Sardinian wines last night. The white flight especially good with the Sicilian Grillo and the Sardinian Vermentino the best of the bunch. Of the reds the Etna Rosso and the Canonau were worthy of further consideration whereas the two Nero d’avola were a bit heavier and less to our liking.


One of the most enjoyable bottles of Pinotage that I can remember. Made by the Kanonkop winemaker who has recently made the side project his full time job.


Opened this to go with my soya and ginger fish tonight. Very nice indeed.