White speaker grille fabric - any ideas?

Hi all

@Mark84 I had you in mind for this question

My Dad wants to cover some speakers with white grille fabric. Any recommendations for what fabric to use?

Ideally, it needs to:

  • not impact on sound quality
  • be as opaque as possible

Cheers, Ian

There is plenty of speaker grill cloth fabric on the auction site. All sorts of colours available. I have ordered from a few different sellers in the past and it all seems to be the same stuff. Does he already have the grilles?

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I would seek out grille fabric that is made for purpose. As Mark84 posts above, there’s plenty out there in all different colours. I have some sets of B&O speakers with white grilles and they seem to be well supported in the aftermarket for things like surrounds, and grille fabric. What are the speakers?

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Thanks both @Mark84 and @Richard.Dane

It’s an under the tv sound bar that he is keen to hide.

Cool, I don’t know why but I hadn’t thought to try the online distributors of all things known to humankind!

For non-eBay suppliers, I’ve found Hifi Collective good for things like that, also Wilmslow Audio (Googling should easily find). Falcon are good for drivers and crossover components, I don’t know about other things like fabric.

Fab thanks everyone.

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