Who represents Naim in New Zealand

Hi all. Just checked website for listed distributor (Addicted to audio) and zero Naim products on their site. Checked it a few months back and they had everything including the new classic gear. Does anyone know if NZ still has a distributor?

Yes a new distributor- Westan from Melbourne has been appointed for Aus and NZ

No action from them at this stage but soon I guess

Addicted to Audio wasn’t the previous distributor, they are the retail arm of previous distributor Busisoft also from Melbourne

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Westan is more of an AV company with not much of an emphasis on high end audio I would have thought? Maybe they’re trying a new direction? I can’t imagine they will focus much past Naim Muso and Uniti products, but would be good to be wrong? My median income is not going to be of much use to Naim anyway. Hopefully Murf will still be able to service Naim legacy products here in Aotearoa. NZ is too small a market for the venture capitalist owners to put too much thought into. Sorry for the cliche, but we didn’t know quite what we had until it was gone…


Westan is the distributer and Paul Money Hi-Fi in Auckland are a retailer. Westan have quite a large servicing network in NZ.

Unfortunately A2A still has Naim stuff on their website heavily reduced in Aus.:rage:

Yeah correct Pete and probably causing issues for Westan at this stage plus increased prices just announced

Focal/Naim parent company should just get Busisoft out of this country but I guess not as easy as that - lots of stuff going on behind the scenes I would think

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It’s a fckin’ mess.


I wonder if the Paul Money items on their web site are AtA stock? There’s no 332, 333 or 350 there……

Think they broke up before the 300 stuff was released so fortunately they never got their hands on them.

Be a laugh if Westan are having second thoughts - why am I thinking that :weary::weary:

Harry’s just managed to sort out getting my NDX2 fixed, now it’s just a matter of getting to him.


It wouldn’t surprise me, it’d have to be a difficult sell with A2A still flogging the stuff on their site