Whooshing Noise From Left Hand Channel

I am experiencing noise in the left-hand channel.
Without a record playing I turn the volume up and there is a loud whooshing noise from the left-hand speaker but not the right.

( I disconnected the TT from the mains and unplugged the tonearm cable from the phono stage, and a sqwarking noise, like a radio not tuned in properly, comes from both speakers.)
I swapped the left and right connections over on the interconnect from the phonostage to the SN3, the whooshing noise now comes from the right-hand speaker.

I have tried a different RCA cable from the phonostage to a different input on the amp, and I get the same results as a above.

I do not get the whooshing noise when I switch to unused inputs on the amp.

My router is upstairs on a different ring circuit

Is there anything else I should check?

Thank you.

Sounds like phono stage has developed a fault…can you swap it for another, at least temporarily to rule it out or in.

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Hi @Simon-in-Suffolk
I could try plugging the tonearm cable into the phonostage of my SN3.
I will give it a go and “hear” if the whooshing noise goes away.
Thank you.

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Hi @Simon-in-Suffolk

I have plugged the tonearm cable direct into the phonostage of the SN3 and the whooshing noise disappears.
It points to the phonostage being faulty, good job it is still under warranty.
Thank you for your advice.
Kind regards.


Glad you can get it sorted now


Excellent diagnosis…!!

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