Why CD wins out (according to my Mum, who is 91!)

Post Xmas, thought I’d post this!

Xmas day after a lovely lunch my Mum who adores classical music and ballet asked to hear Schubert’s sublime Trout Quintet, Anne-Sophie Mutter duly placed in the CDP and she was enthralled by what she heard. Following that I played her on vinyl my new recording of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto but as I delicately handled the record and brushed it she remarked upon the effort involved with vinyl although she did comment that the performance was “enthralling”. But she then made the point that to listen to a full Beethoven or Mahler you had the hassle of turning the record over mid-way and that interrupted the whole ritual. I then suggested streaming and showed her the Qb and how your favourites worked, and how you could buy a network streamer and “rip your CDs” and create and edit playlists etc, she just looked at me quizzically. I did suggest greater access to music……… She then asked asked about caring for records,cleaning etc, to which “yes a little more care” mentioned the record cleaner……

The final word from Mum “look as your late Father would have said that’s a lot of friggin’ about for no benefit, CD off the shelf, in the machine press play or if you want to hear something different put on Classic FM or R3”. I was going to suggest internet radio - lots more stations! - argh but it’s not working on the Qb is it!

Mum’s right.


How do we get to hang out with your Mum, she sounds brill👍


Mother knows best.


Maybe now is the time to tell her about true transcription turntables and 16" broadcast discs that can hold whole long passages of music on a single side, assuming you can hunt them down. Problem solved :grin:


Your mum sounds a blast Bless Her. :wine_glass:


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