Why did my topic regarding system warmup disappear?

My topic seemed to have disappeared. Can someone explain?

At a guess someone probably reported it and it’s been removed for moderation review, typically such threads come back minus anything that is deemed to breach the rules.


@Eoink i don’t think I violated any rule.

It could have been someone else, hopefully a moderator can explain to you privately what the reason was.

Without breaking forum rules myself, there were certainly a few posts from others earlier today that looked like they were going to end in moderation :confused:

Trying to stay the correct side of this excerpt from the FAQ. I’m very sorry if I contravened it.

As an extension of this, members are asked not to discuss moderation matters, whether relating to yourself or to others, on the forum. The moderators cannot discuss these matters publicly so we ask that you do not do so either. If you have any queries regarding any moderation matter then you should contact either the Forum moderators or Naim.

@Richard.Dane Can you shed some light on why my topic disappeared? I am not questioning moderator wisdom, just that I am new and don’t understand.

It almost certainly won’t have been anything you wrote. Anyway Richard will explain in due course I expect.

Hi @jaybar, it’s usually if some posts on the thread are reported as breaking rules, so by no means meaning you or the thread subject were reported.

@davidhendon thanks. I would have thought since I was the originator and there was a need to pull the topic for review, that someone would have reached out to me, just to say it was being pulled for review. Again I am not questioning the wisdom of needing administrative review.

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I’ve temporarily quarantined it for review - it needs some tidying up! Back soon.


@Richard.Dane Thank You Richard

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