Why do I have two rear in my usb function on my Atom

When I select the usb function on my Atom I get 2 rear folders one is empty the other is my usb drive. I have done a full factory reset on both the Atom and my phone app and it still show. Any idea for a fix?

Mine does the same. Obviously it should say front and rear, but it doesn’t. It’s been like that for years, but it still works fine.

I fixed it somehow before and then it came back. I think it has something to do with remembering old drive preferences as I switch out drives with different music. Sometimes when I remove a drive it will ask me if I did so and I answer yes. After answering this question the the rear disappears but this question does not always come up when removing drives.

Maybe your Atom is getting drunk on the wonderful music you play and as a result, the firmware is seeing double.

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