Why has Naim kit become so

Expensive for non serviced previously owned?

In the last 4 mths non serviced kit has shot up in price, approx 30% for non serviced items. Has it become in demand because of lack of new kit being available?

People have too much money piled up, interest rates low. This results in higher stock prices and higher hifi prices.

We are all checking the same ad’s.

But we on here are a small pool of buyers.

Its not just good hifi, its houses, rare cars… you name it…
I’ve put my fortune in a Nait 1. :upside_down_face:

Good prices can be found with a bit of footwork. Just don’t look on auction sites. For example I got my 135’s last year for under £1900 from a dealer, with a warranty. They are regularly selling on an auction site for £2500+

Social networking sites can yield good results but take care. It’s easy to get ripped off.

Yes I have managed to find some kit at good prices. The general increase though has been mostly just this year. From June last year I have bought kit ranging from a 90 based system up to a 300, olive, cb and Classic. I am now looking for an olive hicap or supercap and checking prices everything is now being advertised at prices that were previously reserved for serviced kit. 30% increase on hicap since January. I will wait for the right price to come up, but I was wondering what has suddenly driven the increase.

Not that surprising I think, given increased demand and in some cases, reduced supply due to availability of parts and the difficulties of running a covid secure workplace. Availability of new kit always has an effect on used prices.


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