Why is uniticore limited to 100,000 songs

8I recently became aware that the core is limited to managing 100,000 songs. This came as a shock because I assumed that the music store was limited only by the size of the hard drive on the NAS Synology ( In my case)
I guess I have about 190,000 songs on the go at present, with about 1/2 that again to still rip.
I am having some problems with cover art at present that may be related to this, but where do I go from here. My dealer has suggested that I may need another core, Has anyone else had to grapple with this issue? How best to manage the 2 seperate databases?

Another core, Hahahhahahha!

Why not sell the core and get something that fits your need?

Sounds like you need a Melco with large hdd

You should probably address your question to Naim, not to the forum: assuming that the Uniti Core really cannot handle more than 100000 files, none here is likely to know precisely why this is the case.

For sure 100000 files it is not a limitation imposed by the hardware. Thus, the most plausible explanation for it would simply be poor software.

I’ve owned a Uniti Core for several month and although I like the idea of all my music ripped and stored at a beautiful Naim box - and with an SSD fitted it’s also perfectly silent - a seperate NAS gives you MUCH more flexibility for less money. Seems like an easy choice :smiley:

According to Naim the ‘limit’ is there because that’s what Naim have reliably tested. It’s not an actual limit though - it’s possible that many more songs can be managed than that.

I know of many users with 150k ish tracks with no issues.
As Richard said, it is only a safe and conservative limit given by Naim.
Like the 8TB limit of HDD. 12 works no problems

I agree that Naim should give more accurate data.

And also agree with a previous poster that you should ask Naim directly, I am afraid that no Naim technical guy read this Forum anymore.

4 years of listening assuming 4 minute songs and 12 hours a day of solid listening with no repeats. That’s a LOT of music!

Thank you all for your posts. It has given me some interesting viewpoints.
I have 13400 albums, which includes about 50 singles
The real joy of having a large selection of songs is that I can search, and usually find a track that I may be reading about in a biography or history etc.
Or I can listen to different versions of a song… I have 13 different versions of “Gentle On My Mind” (The Proclaimers and Johnny Cash are my favourites, M Peyroux is the worst)
And the CDs keep coming with all the official bootlegs etc.
Anyway, thanks for your input.
I am meeting my Naim rep today and I will ask him to kick the question upstairs.

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