Why Music Festivals - and Concerts - Sound Better Than Ever

Have you noticed that Live PA’s have got smaller - but the sound has got better…?

Here is why… :sunglasses:


The Grateful Dead were doing that line array PA starting . . . I think as early as the late 1980s or so.

Their “Wall of Sound” was retired in the mid-1970’s but they did not immediately turn to the line array format.

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Line array in use at this years Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Now that it’s been pointed out, as I walked around I never noticed any fall off in SQ. and it was plenty loud enough.

I was walking around to listen out for instrument separation, soundstage etc. Nothing. It was barely stereo. Just how I like my hifi system to be, but that’s another story. Point is I was actually moving around to hear the SQ in different parts of the field. Line array was doing a good job.

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Lovely example of using physics to make your life easier.

Very briefly, as a student, I considered buying a pair of the classic Bose 802 PA speakers for my system. I’m now glad I didn’t!


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